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OUT NOW: Höllenpoetik - MCD


OUT NOW: Höllenpoetik - MCD
April 29, 2011, 07:43:26 AM

Höllenpoetik  -  Höllenpoetik MCD (SLIPCASE)

"The madness continues! The selftitled MCD"Höllenpoetik" (hell poetics)
is limited to diabolical 500 copies, hand numbered, wrapped in a
slipcase and contains the four songs of the two demo cassettes
"Schandtat und Teufelsauslebung" and "Herr Tod bittet zum feierlichen
Tanz". Rarely has Black Metal been so devilish mad, eviland at the same
time obscure. Demonic and dark is the path that this duo walks.
Sometimes primitive as VON, melodic and always unconventional, driven by
an oppressive obsession, you simply have to love or hate it.
Höllenpoetikis different, Höllenpoetikis true mischief, Höllenpoetikis
Black Metal. "(quote by Aceust / hateful-metal.de)

Official release date is 04.30.2011 - a traditional devilish rite on
Walpurgis Night!

Music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9M0dwIRVP2w&feature=player_embedded

ORDER NOW: http://laden.platten-firma.de