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Jon Nodtveidt reportedly commits suicide

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The reason that no one talks shit about Cliff Burton is probably that the Cliff Burton-AIDS connection is to obvious to have any value of beeing discussed.

born for banning:
Hanging around the guys in Metallica will give you teh AIDS.

Jon Nodtveidt died because he understood the UFO-JFK-911 connection. Fear the Masons!


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Why on earth is it sad? If he wanted it that way, why does it bother you? Life means many different things to different people. No need to be such a melodramatic "humanitarian" about it. He did what he wanted to...good for him.  


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"Many different people" might have appreciated a future album or two with his contribution, hence the humanitarian approach. He bereft the fans. 8)

Discovering this band at the moment, having heard only Reinkaos. Thumbs up. Have to admit I was initially put off by them after hearing about (constant) satanic themes, which to me is about as appealing as christian metal.
I like my metal shaken and stirred, but not with any types of crosses, if that chimes any chimes. Religion shouldn't rule music.
To the point: decided to give Reinkaos a listen and it isn't the piece of crap some of you're making it out to be; going to hunt down a few more albums.
Any recommendations?


--- Quote ---Any recommendations?

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SACRAMENTUM - Far Away from the Sun

More Celt Than Sassenach:

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SACRAMENTUM - Far Away from the Sun

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agreed, they sound like early dissection (the somberlain) except composed much more proficiently.


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