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THE STAR GAME commercially available

THE STAR GAME commercially available
May 26, 2011, 06:10:38 AM
The Australian ONA nexion, Temple of Them/Black Glyph Society, has in association with The Game Crafter (a gaming version of self-publishing venture Lulu dot com) produced the first commercially available version of The Star Game (TSG).

For information check out -


The game pack consists of seven colored cardboard boards; cards for each board listing septenary correspondences; 90 white and 90 black wooden cubes (approx. 1cm x 1cm) plus an instruction booklet and cards giving rule variations. The cubes are unmarked, and require the user to inscribe the appropriate alchemical symbols on them which in itself enables the user both to personalize their acquisition and acquire some necessary familiarity with the symbolism.

This pack enables TSG to be played on a flat surface, as is, without the necessity of constructing a large physical 3 dimensional structure consisting of the seven boards arranged one above the other. As such, it will serve as a means of popularizing both the TSG and the ONA and is therefore both to be welcomed and commended.

While I have not, so far, seen the product first-hand, several independent reviews of The Game Crafter have praised the quality of the products produced. For example, " The cards and boards looked good, with the colors showing up well and the card stock being of good quality [...] The rules documents are very nicely printed in color." Source http://www.rpg.net/reviews/archive/15/15213.phtml

Given the foregoing, this commercial version of The Star Game is recommended for both those interested in the theory and praxis of the Order of Nine Angles, and those who want to play what must surely be one of the most intellectually challenging games currently available.

There is however one minor caveat regarding this production of TSG. Which concerns the construction of the large 3 dimensional structure. Such a large physical structure with the boards placed in a spiral as per the Tree of Wyrd is essential to ESG as Esoteric Art, that is, The Esoteric Star Game as sorcery. Therefore, it would be good if some mention of this esoteric necessity of so constructing such a large physical structure could, in future versions, be somewhere included in this commercial game version, imparting thus the knowledge that this game pack is but an introduction, and invitation, to ESG as esoteric sorcery, as outlined at


where it is stated:

The ESG was designed to be a physically large structure to occupy a certain amount of causal Space so that the Adept or Adepts (the player or players) have to physically move around it in order to see all the boards and pieces, and in order to move the pieces.