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A universal symbol for "no review needed"

A universal symbol for "no review needed"
June 10, 2011, 09:21:40 AM
I was thinking over the Morbid Angel drama from the blog, and it occurred to me that Hessians need some kind of cultural symbol for "no review needed."

I'm thinking like a turd with a sail on it, e.g. it floats and goes but still stinks.

Albums like all post-1995 black metal except Demoncy, and the new Morbid Anal, just don't need reviews. "It's regular shit, with this aesthetic twist. All the parts are pretty good, but because it's regular shit, it's just dressed up in a weird way and actually has no important form. So if you like shit like that, buy this shit." (turd with sail)

How about a dollar sign on the sail.

Use a photo of an aluminum cookie cutter over a $5 bill. A gingerbread man shape should work.

Found this one:

Made this one:

-I know that this is album-specific instead of universal, but thought that it could inspire some.

Now showing...


Shitty albums filed under "Red Ribbon Club".

The red ribbon needs to get plastered all over 0Peth albums.

Maybe we need a band of "AIDS activists" writing about 0peth on Amazon.

An amalgamation of some of the ideas so far:

Can you do a rainbow turd?

How about a triangle turd?