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I decided it was my turn to do some digging.  So far I've listened to one song each from the following bands...

Disfigured Dead
Hooded Menace
Bastard Priest

Of those the only ones that interested me enough to download are...

Hooded Menace - Probably closer to doom metal, simple but good sense of melody and atmosphere
Gorephilia - Straight out of the old school, somewhat progressive approach
Obliteration - The most compositionally interesting of all, will require more careful listening

These were the most interesting, I'm also looking into...

Bastard Priest - Regressive death metal that hasn't evolved beyond its influences, but done well enough to be enjoyable
Crucifiction - Reasonably creative br00thurl death metal.  Attempts to go beyond cyclic song structure.

If anyone has heard the above bands and could offer comment before I spend time listening to their albums it would be appreciated.  The rest of the bands are mostly just exercises in rock cliches, although I've singled out two for comment.

Wrathprayer and Hatespawn.  Both of these bands have good ideas and are technically competent, therefore they will be praised as geniuses by most of the metal community.  The only problem is they are incapable of incorporating these ideas into a coherent whole, instead each riff stands alone and never develops.  Probably a few of the bands fit into this category, although these are the two that stood out.  Half way through their songs I was feeling optimistic, but by the time the track was over I had lost interest.

Venenum's EP I have just gave a spin and liked quit a bit.

Gorephilia seemed ok, but pretty much stuck in the pack with a lot of the stuff out there today. I'll give it a couple more listens. Didn't sound too bad, didn't stand out. I don't know if based on what I heard this will be something I'd stick with very long.

Exceration - Odes of the Occult I listened to for the first time today after different friends of mine hyped it as one of the best if not the best 2011 albums and after a short adjustment period I was blown away. Check this shit out asap.

Necrowretch and Profaner were also recommended to me, and they're ok for what they are in this style, but neither left me craving for more.

holy ghost:
That Execration LP is fucking awesome. I always forget about them for some reason, but every time I spin the LP I'm really impressed. They did this 2x7" called OSLO WE ROT with Obituary parody artwork, I didn't find a copy but it was a really well executed idea.

I kind of forget to lump Necros Christos in with this genre since they're so unique, but it's worth mentioning I thought Doom Of The Occult was the best death metal record of 2011

I tried the Nekropsalms album from Obliteration and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I'll try it again when I am in a different frame of mind but I couldn't even finish it.

These are aesthetically enjoyable yet ultimately boring. I appreciate the effort, but the old style belongs to the old masters. Show me something new for fuck's sake.


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