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Why to not be a wimp

Why to not be a wimp
June 18, 2011, 03:17:20 PM
Time spent sitting down and eating dinners is also time not spent in the gym.  While betas wine and dine, waiting for the inevitable “let’s just be friends” ax to fall, they are not able to cultivate one of their most valuable assets – their respective bodies.  Pop quiz: If you want to attract the best women you can, is your time better spent enhancing your physical appearance, or spending 3 hours listening to one girl talk about which of her friends she doesn’t actually like?

Worst, though, is the self-deprivation of the beta.  Being beta means constant self-censorship and suppression of one’s true thoughts and urges – either consciously or due to social conditioning.  Saying “that sucks” becomes “I’m sorry.”  Monologues about her pet(s) inexcusably elicit any configuration of language other than “nobody could ever possibly care about this.”  Instead of doing what you want, from seeing a concert to playing Nintendo, you cater to what she wants to do, when she wants to do it.

I wouldn’t take issue with any of this if it worked, but it doesn’t.  The reward for self-denial and sacrifice is rejection.  Loneliness.  Nothing.

There is no good reason to be a beta.  Aside from being a losing position in the dating market, it adversely affects every other important element of the beta’s life.  It may not be easy to stop being a beta.  It’s not easy to run a mile in under 6 minutes, or to bench press 250 pounds, or to write comprehensibly, either.  Nobody disputes that these are worthwhile endeavors that pay valuable rewards with persistence.  Ending beta servitude is at least as worthwhile, and provides meaningful gains – financially, physically and spiritually – immediately.


By wimp we mean a moral/character/warlike-presence wimp, not necessarily some guy who isn't UFC caliber MMA and loves to fight when drunk.

This society loves to rub its balls in your face and make you a nobody. It then empowers the nobodies over you, and drives you into the dirt, because it fears the strong-willed.

Fight back.

Re: Why to not be a wimp
June 19, 2011, 06:09:12 AM
I appreciate the point being made, but I'd rather take motivational advice from a fellow hessian, Jim Wendler, who is also able to articulate his ideas without using the stale alpha/beta dichotomy. For example, this was an answer to a forum question about having a fatty belly, or something:

You admit that you are not strong enough (many of us feel this way but understand that it is an ongoing process and that THIS process is important). But please DO NOT be that guy who talks about where he holds his fat or how his legs or "obliques" are fattier than they should be. Where has our gender gone?

What I would prescribe for you is to get rid of all these silly, pathetic and disgusting notions of what you think a man should look like and start over. I'm going to give everyone a huge hint here: no one gives a shit what you look like. Now I'm not saying being a fat slob doesn't raise some eyebrows in disgust, but if you kick as much ass as possible int the weight room and conditioning field AND start OWNING the fuck out of your given "sport" (you better start competing and making your training count), you will not only LOOK better but you will feel better. People are not attracted to vanity - they are attracted to confidence and passion. No one owns a room by the way they look; it's how they carry themselves.

There is so much more to this, but PLEASE don't talk about your love handles. Talk about your passions in life, talk about how your moved boulders, talk about the books you've read, talk about the world's you've changed. You have the passion for training, start making this shit count.

I know this is probably way off topic then what you wanted but I'm trying hard to get rid of all this bullshit that is plaguing SO MANY men, young men and boys. So in conclusion, I recommend this:

1. Stretch
2. Lift
3. Sprint

Do this all the time - no bulking, no cutting, no bullshit. Just training for being a motherfucker. Don't be that guy that takes shirtless photos of himself so other men can drool on them. That shit is a disgrace to every man that has done anything awesome in his life - while they were busy "doing" these shirtless 'tards were busy trying to look the part. Get off the bench and get on the field.


But yeah, I notice pop culture seems to subliminally encourage physical and mental weakness.

Re: Why to not be a wimp
June 20, 2011, 01:26:04 AM
But yeah, I notice pop culture seems to subliminally encourage physical and mental weakness.

Pop culture is part of mass culture. It encourages constant self-expression. That means you have to always have some kind of ego-drama to go on about.