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Krokodil, better than jenkem (slowly we rot)

Did you hear about this new Russian drug called krokodil? It's a cheaper homemade alternative to heroin. There's just one catch: it rots the flesh off your body!

And so eventually the users get this:
(Mirror) http://www.dailymotion.com/video/xajhtm_tianeptine-drug-users_news

and this:

and the soundtrack of course:

more (early stage of decomposition)

Start selling this in your local getto! You could turn the place into Dawn of the Dead 3D! Beats huffing jenkem all day!

How to make it (poor translation, used google translate)

Desomorphine very simple to prepare, all the necessary components can be purchased at any local pharmacy and so the same hardware store or market.
To make it, we need:
Any pills containing "Codeine."
Dry alkali (MR MUSCLE).
Gasoline is best for lighter refined.
2 plastic bottles of 1.5 liter and a 0.5-liter.
Crystalline iodine (available from the usual pharmacy).
Red phosphorus (if not then it does not matter, it is very easy to be washed away with Cherkashev on matchbooks).
30% hydrochloric acid or electrolyte.
Syringes for cooking and for use of the prepared solution.
Furyk from "Naphazoline."
To start pulling away with alkali and gasoline pills kodein.Esli no crystalline iodine, extract it from the pharmacy with hydrogen peroxide or white and plain acetic kisloty.Zatem with 96% alcohol wash off On match with red Cherkashev fosfor.Potom thoroughly mixed codeine phosphate and dried, fur throws in a bit then add to dry yod.I cook the whole thing in a helical system is not only 40 minutes and 15 on the strength of 20.YA heard somewhere that after 15 minutes of cooking death metal loses its narcotic properties, and I happen to totally soglasen.V the end of the alkali finished product with pepla.I here is ready for use desomorphine.
But there are so-well and cons:
Preparation takes about 1.5 to 2-hours (in a careful and sterile approach to everything), and traction for 3-4 hours if properly prigotovit.Pravda all very pleased with the arrival, a gentle and soft.
And the main drawback of it is that it is dirty and the drug is not recommended to use IM as well, as the smallest blowing out under the skin can result in unpleasant (in all respects) abstsessom.Poetomu average time a dense, dezomorfinovoy system is 2 on the strength of 3 years. And once the body is completely dirty, the person starts to rot. So if you're sitting on plotnyachkom dezomorfinivoy system, and do not want or can not sprygnut.To I congratulate you, you are alive rotting piece of meat.


Krokodil, better than jenkem! Slowly we rot!


This does sound better than Jenkem. While I'm waiting for my flesh to rot away (and fail like everything Russia has done post-1917), will I be able to speak to my dead ancestors?

Better than Jenkem? Jenkem is poetry

At least the special ukrainiaN folk will have others to play with.

Goooood morning ANUS!!!!

"Mr. President, we have a necrotizing narcotic GAP!!!!"

Cocaine cut with the veterinary drug levamisole could be the culprit in a flurry of flesh-eating disease in New York and Los Angeles.

The drug, used to deworm cattle, pigs and sheep, can rot the skin off noses, ears and cheeks. And over 80 percent of the country's coke supply contains it.


This looks like something out of "Creep Show".

This does sound better than Jenkem. While I'm waiting for my flesh to rot away (and fail like everything Russia has done post-1917), will I be able to speak to my dead ancestors?

Yes of course! And if you mix it with meth and jenkem you will become a living hardcore radikult!

I dunno, seems Too Extreme! to me, I'll just stick to Jenkem.

Imagine someone getting addicted to krokodil, then doing angel dust and going berzerker, almost like a George Romero zombie.. oh and they would have AIDS of course.  Here is a question, do you think if you showed a monkey(s) how to do drugs, then keep giving him drugs, that the result would be similar to humans?  I've done some drugs, but I can't fathom why one would shoot up heroin in a blown vein, or let their flesh rot away.. is it society or have people been doing this type of thing since the beginning?

is it society or have people been doing this type of thing since the beginning?

I'm no expert on the history of addiction, but it would shock me to find out it is a recent phenomenon.  My guess is that as we continually develop "better" drugs, the crazier (and more media grabbing) the side effects will become.  That photo almost made me vomit by the way.  Perhaps we will one day develop a drug that is sheer heaven, but will make your head explode.  The catch is, you never know when it will happen, so you can play Russian roulette until you lose your nerve or go out like your life is a Cronenberg film.  Incidentally, desomorphine itself is apparently not any worse than many controlled substances.  It seems that the junkies are just too strung out to put in the effort to purify it once they have it.

"You're dreaming of heroin, of something that feels clean and not like poison. But you can't afford it, so you keep doing the krokodil. Until you die."

That made me laugh.  If you have the skill to make desomorphine, making heroin is no more difficult.  Perhaps getting the reagents is a little harder, but come on guys, apply yourselves!

No force on God's green Earth can stop a Russian from getting fucked up...

^ hahah
I say kill 'em all (not the just the russians )

Liberty, fraternity, equality....