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MONASTICISM- "Burial Exoneration" Demo for download

Hey everyone,

Sorry I've been silent for a while. Life and projects happened. Members of the DLA Metal forums and I formed this band, called Monasticism, which is Death Metal with Black Metal elements here and there. We just got done with the demo, called "Burial Exoneration." The production is very shotty, due to lack of funds, but I think what was yielded from the sessions was OK for a demo. I made it available in a mediafire package that includes both songs 1) Burial Exoneration and 2) Final Darkness, as well as the cover for printing and logo jpg for patronage if you'd like. Any information regarding the status of the band, activity and whatnot, you can e-mail me at Cultist777@gmail.com

Even if you want to drop an e-mail to tell you think of it would be appreciated.


Full permission to give it to whoever you want, or review it if you wish. I'd only ask that you send me a PM or E-mail telling me where it is so that I could read it.



Hard copies are now ready. If anyone would prefer that, same deal, simply contact me. There's NO CHARGE for anything of it. Not even shipping.


Two more tracks evoked:

"Gospel of Night"

"Ordo Templi Orientis"