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I used to buy this quite regularly two years ago, until the number of pages devoted to tasteless -core bands grew exponentially. I never thought their opinion on extreme Metal accounted for much, generally, but there were some good features and the sampler CDs were quite useful for gauging how knee-deep in shit the current state was.

I think they started reviewing computer games too. I hope they haven't continued this shit.

I've seen a new extreme Metal magazine on the stands called 'Zero Tolerance', but it looks much of the same. The title doesn't mean a lot since they tolerate most of the shit coming out these days like they're trying to sell it. Not recommended.

Definitely checking out this Death Metal special.


--- Quote ---I think they had a sister publication called Zero Tolerance magazine which I bought one copy of and never saw again. This was better as it consisted entirely of the extreme stuff but probably died off as (I imagine) it`s appeal was limited and not as many people bought it.

--- End quote ---

It's still selling.

It was bad timing on my part to hype the first part of the death metal special the day after the new issue hit the shelves (doh!), I don`t have the October issue so I can`t say whether THAT DM special is as good as September`s.

I don`t know where you (Vajira) live but here (Wirral) Zero Tolerance was seen and bought once by me and never spotted again, again, it`s probably my own fault for not looking beyond Birkenhead WHSmith.

I regret not getting the Terrorizer issue with the Doom special when I had the chance, I wonder if it`s possible to buy old issues from their website?

The console reviews (thankfully absent last issue), reader`s top fives, double- sided posters and the `hard of hearing` section (where bands have to guess the band, song and album before passing opinions) are all irritating additions I feel have been influenced by the likes of Metal Hammer and make me think twice about shelling out 3.20, but the monthly guide/tribute to `classic` albums is a good idea (although I`d hardly call Symbolic by Death a classic, but that`s another debate).


--- Quote ---I don`t know where you (Vajira) live but here (Wirral) Zero Tolerance was seen and bought once by me and never spotted again
--- End quote ---

I've seen it in a WHSmiths as well as a number of newsagents here in London. I read it in the store; I'd never pay for it unless it was a pound because they used recycled paper or something. US magazine Metal Maniacs is/was like that, which I picked up once a couple of years ago. Decent interviews.  

Oh yeah...that was the real draw for me. I would look around for any Metal magazine with, first and foremost, interviews with good bands/artists like Bathory or Morbid Angel.

(Does ANUS still look around for veteran interviews for the DLA?)

--- Quote ---make me think twice about shelling out 3.20
--- End quote ---

Shit. It used to cost under 3.

The only time I do remember Terrorizer not being sold, (at least here in the U.S.) was after 9/11. (Funny how the name of the magazine cost them). The place I used to look for it didn't have it for several months.

They had it back on the shelves once America forgot about it and went back to buying fast food and watching Oprah.


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