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A theory on women.

Re: A theory on women.
October 07, 2011, 05:16:53 AM

Here's an alternative theory - collectively and individually we (men) need to grow some balls.

In all honesty I haven't met many of these supposed men hating feminists who have proliferated modern society. Perhaps though the lack of purpose and direction of most men has created a vacuum that has been filled by women with more masculine traits?

It's also a mistake to assume that every 'shrew' is a man hating feminist who wants to subvert the traditional male/female societal roles. Take Maggie Thatcher as an example (regardless of hw you feel about her policies, you can't question that this woman had balls) - she is often criticized for having done nothing for feminism (beyond leading by example).

In my experience women don't harass their partner because they want to dominate the relationship - they do so because they want their partner to be MORE of a man, to take greater control and to assume the role of provider. I see this female reaction to feminism all the time - it just doesn't seem like a reaction to feminism because it's aimed not at the feminists but at the men who have passively accepted a subsidiary role.