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Immolation -- "Providence" new EP sponsored by Scion

New York’s seasoned Death Metal clan Immolation will be releasing a new EP (courtesy of Scion A/V Metal) on October 11th! “Providence” is 5 brand new original tracks, marking IMMOLATION’s 20th year of recording as a band.


New track for stream/download:


Awful. Sounds like Job For a Cowboy and all that other deathcore garbage.

I think you might be indulging in a bit of hyperbole there, but it really isn't terribly exciting. I'm a bit stumped when it comes to Immolation: they have a string of essential classics, then the stink bomb that is Harnessing Ruin, then Shadows in the Light which is a great comeback record, then the Hope and Horror EP continues the rising trend in quality, and then their latest full-length and now this track which aren't terrible like Harnessing was, but still not very interesting.

These latter day Immolation albums are like the latest stuff from Absu: there's not really too much objectively wrong with the music, but it's just rather uninteresting compared to their older (and in Immolation's case, slightly newer) stuff. Hopefully they are similar to Absu in still being a great live band, 'cause they're coming here pretty soon.

Immolation is one of my favorite live acts. Seen 'em three times now, and it's always a pleasure. Great, high-energy performers.

Too bad the set-list is likely to be full of newer crap.

Set List at the wreck room last night included 3 tracks from the new EP-Three tracks from Majesty an Decay. However they alsoplayed one song from every album.

Dawn of Possession: Into Everlasting Fire and Dawn of Possesion
Harnessing Ruin: Under the Supreme
Failures for Gods: No Jesus No beast
Close to A World Below: Close to a world Below
Unholy Cult: I think it was Sinful Nature
Harnessing Ruin: Some crap.....
Hope and Horror Ep: Den of Thieves
Shadows in the Light: World Agony (Encore)

Pretty cool set list actually.....

Composition on this song is mostly good.  I distrust the corporate association.

More than that, Shalaty has been a disaster in Immolation.  This isn't a slight against him- there are many bands he would be fantastic in (I'd much rather see him in Gorguts than Longstreth), but he's not a good stylistic fit for Immolation.  They need a drummer who isn't going to try to put so much flair on everything.  Those rolls all over the place are really egregious.

Full album has leaked on Youtube:


Drumming is just awful. Horrible production on the drums, and the playing style just doesn't fit Immolation at all.

Actually, aside from the drumming under the verse riff in the song already released that this material is pretty good. 

The Toyota sponsorship is still bothersome.

The Toyota sponsorship is irrelevant.

The composition is rock music. Yep, they're in scale and using harmony. So what? Every rock band does this. It's bone ordinary.

What's missing: the melodies and their complex interaction, or any real complexity. This is run-of-the-mill, which is why the herd is loving it.

In contrast to some opinions, I'll say that Harnessing Ruin is not a bad album, despite some questionable aesthetic choices.

Majesty and Decay and Providence on the other hand are just bad and pointless.

I hate to speak ill of the mighty Immolation, but their new material really is metalcore -- it's much more like indie rock with death metal vocals and power chords than it is any derivative or maintenance of the death metal tradition.

To me, this is on par with the new Morbid Angel.

If it weren't for Dolan's distinctive voice or Vigna's soloing style, you could have easily convinced me that this was a new album from some generic -core band.

At least we still have "Dawn of Possession" through "Unholy Cult" to enjoy.

And I do really enjoy seeing them live, even if the set list gets worse every time I see them.

To me, this is on par with the new Morbid Angel.

OUCH....would you really say it's that bad? I mean they haven't radikulted yet...this material is just really dull and directionless. They still have a long way to fall before they even begin to scrape the bottom of the barrel that MA calls home.

Shadows In The Light was pretty good compared to Harnessing Ruin (which I really did not enjoy), and I thought they'd continue up the slope back to quality. I guess I was wrong. Still, I'm with weeman; I'll see them live any time I can.