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The problem is not all of us

Re: The problem is not all of us
October 25, 2012, 02:00:25 AM
Then again, I remember the Tarditionalists

This man is a artist.

I have to say, though, the DLA is a pretty shoddy place for people to start things.  Many have tried, it's rarely worked.  If you really want to start something, do it with your friends - real world communication is what is required, not net-based noodling.  We are allowed to be far too cerebral when communicating in this fashion, and so spirit and passion cannot be shared; this is why we seem more divided than we actually are.  This is not instantial, but a problem inherent to the medium, just as crowdism is to Democracy.

tl;dr: get the fuck outside!  Experience reality, instead of considering it from a chair.  Explore your own nature, see what you're capable of in this universe.

What's wrong with being clownish and appearing ineffectual?  Socrates got away with it until they saw through the disguise.

Re: The problem is not all of us
October 25, 2012, 12:59:31 PM
Most of them making goofy comments are probalbly teenagers who are not stupid, and migth be able to understand a lot more than they are able to express than we older with wonderous university educations can express with wit and eloquence.

People write wonderful things because they feel ripe and pregnant with ideas and feel they must  get the ideas out. Maybe your blockade is internal and not to be found in goofy internet posters?

Re: The problem is not all of us
October 26, 2012, 08:13:39 PM
Reading the most recent threads almost made me quit this forum because I thought I couldn't possibly promote my point of view successfully here, it's so opposite from all of yours.

Then I stopped for a second and noticed something. Everyone's on my side. I agree with the majority of posts in this forum. I remember the reason I originally joined this forum.

We all agree on so much here, why the hell is practically every major multi-page thread devoted to only the issues which divide us the most and capture us in the same old back-and-forth arguments?

When you're fighting against irrationality, you can't win, it just gets stuck in a perpetual cycle, if the person on the other end is sufficiently deluded. And you would have to be deluded too, to keep entertaining them.

It seems a small handful of posters on this forum frequently start an outlandish, undeniably stupid and irrational threads, and we're all so incredulous of it that we flock to counter the argument.

As if we're so concerned for the integrity of this forum. It was this same handful of posters who are so quick to point out that we shouldn't feed the trolls.

This is exactly the same mess our politicians are in, and the same mess all citizens seem to be in.

Why don't we investigate how much we can accomplish when we're all on the same page? Imagine if we broke the DLA's concepts down into nodes, and if we stuck mainly with those nodes all of us agree on. Imagine how many members would be willing to contribute to the website's development!

Then we can give individual people, or small groups of people, separate nodes, representing different points of view and not all agreeing with each other. Now DLA offers readers sound information we can all agree on, and the reader is free to make up their own minds about the rest.

As I like to say, if truth is logical, can't it be successfully conveyed as surely as the rigours of logic are unforgiving?

How much can we build, as a website and a community, remaining within the bounds of what most of us agree with? Maybe not much. But I can tell you one thing, this constant cycle of debunking stupidity only so that more stupidity arises the next day, this is toxic, to the website as a whole and to all of us members individually.

I love watching a gruesome car crash as much as the next person, but when the care's coming towards me I get out of the way. I don't want to come to this website to laugh at how stupid people are, as tempting as it may be, I can get that many other places. I want to come here for something productive! But the website is being killed, if it isn't already dead.

We agree on so many things. The importance and beauty of the environment. The problem of over-consumption. A disdain for simple-minded distractions. A dislike of hypocrisy, fake-ness and mainstream society. A passionate and determined desire to attack life head-on. A fundamental conviction that a successful life takes root  at deeper philosophical or spiritual levels rather than on the surface.


I know these basic truths seem so simple and maybe even trivial to us, but most people don't get it yet, for most people it's very advanced. Oh but that's right let's not try to do the tiniest bit of outreach, let's just kill all those other people.

No metal website is currently doing it, perhaps least of all the DLA because we give it such a bad name. NO METAL WEBSITE EVEN COMES CLOSE TO DOING IT.

You have to walk before you can run. Keep going in circles, or be willing to make compromise and get actually moving, it's your choice.

A handful of fuckers stole your website from you. Take it back.

For me, I come here because it is a breath of air so different from my normal world, and the thoughts are terribly refreshing.

If you understand Kantian/Schopenhauerian [spelling?] philosophy, you can see that the rational/irrational debate is truly hard to settle, with logic being the mode/rules of normal perception which correlate at least in part [if not in whole] with Reality.

I come here because, although married to a woman from a different race and culture from my own as well as having a career in a very kumbaya field, I find there to be some sharp tacks here, as well as the occasional impetus to challenge some beliefs that have unknowingly grown into my mind like weeds.

Re: The problem is not all of us
October 28, 2012, 10:18:22 PM
The question is:

What is trying to be achieved? A website with daily interesting content on the things you said bring it's forum members together? Well since prozak has stopped writing articles the content is largely dead.

Who updates the deathmetal.org website occasionally?