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The Dictatorship of the Intelligent

The Dictatorship of the Intelligent
November 22, 2011, 12:20:15 AM
"In case there is doubt as to what an intellectual is, here is a working definition. An intellectual is one who has an active, searching, reasoning mind. He is secure in the confidence that he can function through his own ability. He doesn't seek security in having a lot of uniformed robots marching at his bidding. He may be wealthy but through his own abilities and not through the deprivation or exploitation of others. Nor does he need the worship and support of fearful suckers.

The intellectual is the brain of every stable system where intelligence is appreciated. But he becomes an endangered species after the collapse of his system and its takeover by political or religious tyrants. Unfortunately, a system's collapse is usually followed by a takeover by political or religious fanatics who feel most secure in an atmosphere of ignorance.

So the collapse of our system will be a real danger to the surviving intellectuals. If the growing lunatic fringe should gain power, the True Believers will liquidate anyone who can read without moving his lips.

Intelligent people have three basic reasons for preparing to survive. The first, of course, is survival itself. The second is to prevent domination by the kind of religious and political fanatics even now preparing their own kind to take over. The third, and most important, is to rebuild on the ruins and to establish the Dictatorship of the Intelligentsia.

The term may have some offensive connotations. However wouldn't dictatorship by scholars and scientists be preferable to dictatorship by fools and another Dark Age?

One might ask what kind of system would be established. But that would be the wrong question. It really wouldn't"t matter. The idea is to upgrade our species by eliminating the parasites and predators. Without them, with only well-motivated, intelligent citizens, a system of order and liberty will evolve naturally.

Nor should anyone imagine rounding up millions of defectives and doing away with them. The great majority of the underclass will die in the chaos. Then it will only be a matter of sterilizing those parasites and killing those predators left, as they show themselves for what they are, thereby eventually ridding our species of it's underclass.

Now is the time to prepare for the greatest social breakthrough in history. Now is your chance to help inaugurate the next step in the evolution of human civilization.

There has never before been such an opportunity. But if the usual kind of Power Elite gains a foothold after the collapse, the chance may never come again. This is the first time in history the machinery has been in place for intelligent people worldwide to be in contact. With the Internet, CompuServe, computer bulletin boards, etc., the people of intellect can organize, prepare and consolidate."

- Kurt Saxon

The guy is a closet homosexual, but a lot (but not all) of what he said is awesome and is the truth.

Read the entire article here.

Re: The Dictatorship of the Intelligent
November 22, 2011, 09:50:50 AM
The Intelligent vs. The Religious vs. The Political. It sounds a bit foolish phrased this way.

What are the proclivities of the intelligent men themselves? Can they not be religious, or of a political bent? This is another fool whose vision of the world is restricted to what surrounds him, seeing a fucked up world but applying a personal dogma to it. Quantifying human worth seems simple when you are naive, but when you actually meet people of worth who don't fit handily into a convenient grouping... what then? Can you truly speak this way when you cannot ever be certain that what you promote may be a great wrong? Let the weak die in the chaos? Even Mr. Saxon would cry out if his family and friends were judged similarly unworthy. And surely they would be, surely this is what he speaks of without understanding. You cannot ignore the individual and you cannot ignore basic humanity. These should be basic precepts no matter which solution appeals to you, no matter what ideology. Speak in terms of qualities that the best man should possess.

The words about individual security and betterment are truth and are appreciated, as are the ones about our impending doom.

Re: The Dictatorship of the Intelligent
December 03, 2011, 09:16:55 AM
I like the idea of an aristocracy. Pick people of good mind, good character and good health -- and good looks. Such people have no resentment.

Intelligence as measured by IQ is a pre-requisitive, e.g. you will find no one under 130 on that list, but it's not the whole story.

Killing off the stupid, impoverished, criminal, etc. is just natural selection and is intelligent no matter what "philosophy" you embrace.

Re: The Dictatorship of the Intelligent
April 28, 2012, 05:25:49 AM
London exile Boris Berezovsky announced Sunday that under his new Resurrection Movement political party, he would instate a constitutional monarchy in Russia and named Britain's Prince Harry as a candidate for king.

The business tycoon published a manifesto for his Christian-democratic party on his LiveJournal blog Sunday, the day Orthodox believers celebrated Easter.

"Returning the monarchy to the throne will reinstate an interrupted chain of time and become a symbol of the rebirth of Russia," he said. "Prince Harry the younger son of Prince Charles and Princess Diana is one of the bright symbols of the modern civilized world and a possible candidate. He has more Russian blood than the last Russian Emperor Nicholas II." Berezovsky noted that Harry's great grandmother was a Romanov.