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PURGE "Sordid Preludes To Purgatory" Out Now!

PURGE "Sordid Preludes To Purgatory" Out Now!
December 04, 2011, 06:33:22 AM

New release of Gospels of Death records available (worldwide exclusive distribution by Necrocosm):


"Sordid Preludes to Purgatory"

9 tracks - CD
GOD-002 - 11.90

Also available: T-shirt, Girly, Embroided patch &
Special pack! - 2290 (Girly) / 2390 (TS)

First full-length opus by these french veterans,
featuring members from MERRIMACK and RITUALIZATION.
Purification and Salvation in the name of
Old School Death Metal!

Order at: http://www.necrocosm.org/ or order[at]necrocosm[dot]org