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Misplaced guitar leads

Misplaced guitar leads
October 03, 2006, 05:29:52 AM
Guitar Leads shows you how to play all those 'way cool' playing tricks to make you sound like Hendrix or Satriani plus those wild visual antics used by famous musicians on stage.

Imagine how popular you will be with those "tricks" up your sleeve.

Guitar leads best fit a composition as an essential, necessary element within the overall narrative. Misplaced solos interrupt the narrative like a clown showing up at an otherwise elegant royal ballroom dance. Bad leads prompt Hessians to wince and reach for the volume controls, or worst case, the off button.

Outstanding metal narrative exists without guitar solos. Burzum and Graveland offer us examples of mostly leadless composition while retaining captivating narrative. However, examples of appropriate leads also exist. The earlier half of Slayer's legacy of albums illustrates appropriately integrated essential leads within the overall narrative; the duo solo narrative architecture is additionally found in the earlier works of Judas Priest, a heavy metal band that influenced Slayer.

In conclusion, compositional elements like guitar solos can act as misplaced pollutants, unwanted guests, or impudent children among speaking adults. "Way cool playing tricks" sacrifice the whole for the ego of one and this error must be supressed for metal, as a higher form of art, to flourish.


Re: Misplaced guitar leads
October 03, 2006, 08:34:37 AM
As the waste in sewers flows through the Promised Land...