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All Styles of Electronic Music in Flash Presentation

This is the greatest website on electronic music. It covers all styles and sub-divisions of electronic music that exist, with explanations and samples, in a flash presentation.



In general a good site, though I think the differences between a lot of the genres are semantics.

The description of Gabber was so funny I wouldn't be surprised if it was satire:

"North American music has always had a more serious, distinctive, harder edge than European music. I think this is due mainly to immigration and the fact that American culture is 'manufactured', so it constantly has to justify itself through a sort of machismo self-assertion, as opposed to other cultures which evolved naturally and fluently through history. Like comparing American football with European football: one side that favours skill and agility versus one side that favours raw, brute force. A good sociological paper can be written exploring this phenomenon, but here is not the time for that. So while European Hardcore always likes to grace the silly side of hoover cheesyness, American Hardcore never wants to be thought of as unmanly. But I think the harder it tries, the stupider it sounds."

I'm no expert on this sort of thing, but I didn't think Gabber was specifically American music.

As far as I know I thought Gabber was Dutch or English in origin.

As far as I know I thought Gabber was Dutch or English in origin.

Ya i also heard it was a Dutch thing.  I listen to that stuff once in a blue moon, its fun, but it wears out its welcome quickly.

Apparently the guy who created that flash site is going to create an updated version in 2012. That version is from around 2003.