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Digipaks are d-bag

Digipaks are d-bag
December 29, 2011, 03:04:40 PM
Record labels love these because they're (a) cheap but (b) "unusual" so they often charge more for them. I hate them. Here's why:


They're fragile. Cardboard, against the ravages of time? When the paint flecks of quickly? Where a CD book can be properly cared for and last a long time, digipaks flake out quickly. I guess the labels hope you'll just go buy another one.


They don't protect the CD.

A plastic case is interchangeable with any of a million replacement plastic cases. If the CD takes a hit, the case breaks and protects the book and CD. If a digipak takes a hit, the CD breaks or is scratched. I guess the labels hope you'll just buy another one.


The CD tray disintegrates.

In theory, a digipak is "green" because it uses plastic, but most of them still use plastic trays in the middle. These are glued down with imitation Elmer's glue that flakes out and the tray pops free, possibly leading to the CD getting ruined and also the digipak getting torn or losing its surface print. Again, they just want you to buy a new one.


The cover art sucks.

Most cover art is designed for the square format of a CD or LP. If a digipak is involved, some editing will occur. Either they add fru-fru around the edges, or expand and trim to fit. The result is weird art that doesn't reflect the artists' intent.


The booklet sucks.

In a digipak, either the digipak is the booklet or the booklet tucks into a little cardboard pocket on the digipak. If the former, you now have two to four cardboard sides that rapidly degrade. If the latter, the book always falls out.


Premium prices.

The cretins at record labels are hoping to fool us all. Even though any person with more sense than a weevil knows that digipaks blow ass, the labels want to sell them at a premium price. "Digipak CD," they say, as if showing us a luxury car, when really they're handing us a turd with a hood ornament.


The inevitable jewel case issue.

After the bloated label finally pukes out the album, they wait another 8 months and then release a jewel pack version for the diehards. In the meantime, you're not supposed to just download the MP3s. This way, you get to buy each album twice: a disposable digipak, and then the jewel case so you can actually enjoy the album like a sane person.


False "green."

If you corner some label suit and start threatening their safety over the annoyance of digipaks, they will return fire by saying how "green" the digipak is. It's not. Cardboard CD cases that fall apart after a year are not green. Buying up ten acres of forest and keeping it from being developed is green. I'm all for saving the world like the next guy, but let's be practical about it instead of offering up this fake "green" product that doesn't work as well as the (recycleable) jewel cases.

Sorry to go on for so long about this. I hate digipaks. D-paks, short for d-bags. They're horrible. Please share this turgid rant with any label or distro personnel you know.


Re: Digipaks are d-bag
December 29, 2011, 04:38:50 PM
DVD cases are the best. They would work better for cd's too:

1. Bigger more detailed album art and allows thicker booklets that won't damage when you try to put them back. No more tiny fonts that are barely readable.

2. Package doesn't break when it drops to the floor. CD is kept safer.

The only problem is that they take up more space during transport and storage but I'm sure most music fans could live with that. Why DVD's and videogames (often eventually dumped for lower prices than cd's) get this special treatment and cd's don't is somewhat beyond me. Most people will watch a DVD only once or play a videogame for about three months and then rarely touch it again, while good cd's can get regular plays for years.

Re: Digipaks are d-bag
December 29, 2011, 09:04:41 PM
Eliminate outdated media transfer formats. Go lossless digital.

Re: Digipaks are d-bag
December 30, 2011, 07:26:39 PM
I agree they really do suck balls.  So do cds though i don't know how often i have broken the center of the trays in the past.  I also don't like the booklets, they are shit and getting them back inside is a pain, especially when it is one of those 100 folds booklets.  CDS ARE D BAG!!! Get Vinyl.

Conservationist, I am surprised you do not choose vinyl over CD, especially since you are frequent classical listener.  I have payed as low as 6 dollars for a classical record, 13 dollars being  sealed brand new.  Better sound, better price. Treat yourself bud.


Re: Digipaks are d-bag
December 31, 2011, 07:39:16 AM
Take it easy.