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Metal in 2012

Re: Metal in 2012
March 18, 2012, 06:41:34 AM
I'm sure there will be some good albums in 2012 but will they be good enough to listen to them instead of the classics? It's like the new autopsy album.

The underground needs to stop cheering these also-rans. Just because a classic band makes a classic album in a classic style and it isn't immediately perceivable as cretinous in "sound' (aesthetic), we should not praise it; it could be mediocre in content.

AUTOPSY, DISMA, BOLT THROWER, REPUGNANT, ENTRAILS, ASPHYX all fall under this banner for me.

However, I think the new DEMONCY is going to last. The WAR MASTER is harder to tell; it's different from the demo material, but hard to put a finger on it.

BEHERIT will stand the test of time.

For AUTOPSY, if you limit your collection to Mental Funeral you get a brilliant band, otherwise a decent one.

Re: Metal in 2012
March 30, 2012, 07:38:24 AM
I am with you on Autopsy. I like the newer stuff sure but I've found it doesn't have the staying power. But damn, you sure come down harsh lumping even Disma in that category. I take it it was not you who wrote the favorable review for Impiety? Which btw is a great album in a tradition of great Impiety albums. Seeing that review made me smile and gave me the warm funny feeling human females must get when they see a kitten frozen in an anthropomorphic pose in a photograph.

I haven't heard everything I want to, but so far I've heard three albums I like this year. I counted too earlier in the Demoncy thread but I forgot the Ignivomous album.
1. Demoncy - I think, even with only a few listens I can say it is the best one here.
2. Impiety - see the review in the DLA. Sums it up exactly - a guilty pleasure by design.
3. Ignivomous - the crux of the DLA review for Impiety is applicable here. Concerned only with what it does, destroys souls and possesses real heart. Love me a good quality Incantatiomorph.