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Burzum - Support Your Local Einsatzkommando' shirt.. 48 HOURS LEFT!

^ Unfortunately I can't extend it to the 31st, but since there have been a number of people asking me to do so, when the shirt order goes out on Monday order, I'm gonna include an extra 1-2 of each size to cover anyone else. It's against my better judgement, but I want everyone that wants one of these to be able to pick one up. Speaking of, what size did you want and which style (short sleeve or long sleeve)..? Thanks.

48 HOURS LEFT! Get in your orders!


You broke your better judgement?  Sorry, but we are going to have to ask you to leave.  We are looking for people who stay true to their values, and not people who do whatever so that they can be popular.  This was totally weak man. 

All orders processed... All shirts printed.. Shipping begins this week!