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Ideas have Consequences

Ideas have Consequences
January 11, 2012, 02:12:45 PM
A text worth reading: Richard Weaver's " Ideas have Consequences".

Although not all of the philosophical ideas are not flushed out, the book is a vitriolic condemnation of modernity and expresses some of the primal tenants of Traditionalism/Conservatism.

A taste:

"Equality is a disorganizing concept in so far as human relationships mean order. It is order without design; it attempts a meaningless and profitless regimentation of what has been ordered from time immemorial by the scheme of things. No society can rightly offer less than equality before the law; but there can be no equality of condition between youth and age or between the sexes; there cannot be equality even between friends. The rule is that each shall act where he is strong; the assignment of identical roles produces first confusion and then alienation, as we have increasing opportunity to observe...."

The text is widely available.