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Scathing critique of modern aesthetics

Scathing critique of modern aesthetics
January 18, 2012, 12:30:47 PM
It is a lamentation that wraps itself around “uplifting” ideas that never quite change the mood. It is an affirmation of the crushing power of normalcy while doing its best to notice all the quirky, off-beat, ironic, unique, different and non-conformist details....

Its predominant hook is that its announcers use big(ger) words than average, and speak in hushed tones of awe about weighty topics, and basically act like the kids in the theater department in high school.

Baahahahahaaa!!  The normally boring Brett Stevens lets loose and ruthlessly mocks the stylistics sense of modern, liberal, hipster, sad-sack, down-and-out, weepy, disaffected urban intellectuals and manages to vomit on Hurricane Katrina victims in the process!  I have to say, this was funny as hell, and more importantly, true.  One of my favorite Amerika pieces in a while.

NPR gives me douche chills.

Re: Scathing critique of modern aesthetics
January 18, 2012, 05:03:38 PM
I fucking vomit on Terri Gross and 'All Things Considered!'