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October 26, 2006, 04:22:12 PM
Atrocity MP3s


"One of the earliest rudimentary death metal bands came from Germany, bridging hardcore and simple metal styles on their first work, Hallucinations, but later moving on to a technical masterpiece, Todessehnsucht. Eventually the band ended its life with Blut, which was essentially a fusion of populist genres like hard rock and EBM-styled industrial."

Atrocity - Hallucinations (1990) [ CD $20 ]

Atrocity - Hallucinations (1990, Mega)

Atrocity - Longing For Death (1992) [ CD $11 ]

Atrocity - Longing For Death (1992, Mega)

Atrocity - Longing for Death (FLAC part 1)
Atrocity - Longing for Death (FLAC part 2)