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I've heard a lot of guitar riffs that sound very similiar, if are not outright from classical pieces, not from one metal band, but from many, the use of the whole scale of notes and chords rather than just a few repetetive chords played over and over again(as in pop music, or punk). Metal is the only genre that makes use of all the possibilities of sound, other than classical.The ideology is certainly still present, but classical structures are used as well.

More Celt Than Sassenach:
you talk about music to generally, music is far far more diverse then most people seem to realize so when you say metal is the only other genre asides from classical
i wouldn't be to sure, after all jazz can be a genre that far exceeds metal in both complexity and technicality using notes running up and down various scales.

but what you said about riffs sounding like classical themes wouldn't surprise me, to have a single theme in metal sound like a single theme in classical would be impossible not to happen, because (as you said) the way notes through scales are used is similar to classical and the huge number of classical and metal works it was only a matter of time before similarities in themes is found, a good example of common themes is the theme for in the hall of the mountain king and override to overture

I see your point, Jazz is a fun genre to play because of the technicality of the music, as is Classical, you can really delve into music and make use of any combinations of notes/scales/haromonies and dissonance. I tend not to listen to Jazz much because although the technicality and use of the entire musical spectrum, much if it doesn't really tend to appeal to my aesthetics, there's always a certain disharmony and lack of structure in Jazz (I guess I'm thinking of more modern Jazz) that just doesn't sound good. Metal tends to be more structured in its harmonies, as is Classical, and that's the similarity I was talking about. Actually, in band in high school, we were playing In the Hall of the Mountain King, when we decided to play a trick on our instructor, at the football game we substituted "For Whom the Bell Tolls" for "Louie,Louie". This was before S&M came out, so we thought we were being pretty crafty at the time.

oscar the cat:
Problem with jazz is that once you know the tune the rest is just licks, like the blues, like rock music, hell even like about half of country.

More Celt Than Sassenach:
not if your talking about big band jazz, its exactly like a symphony except with a much more beat oriented feel and a much (much) larger emphasis on brass  


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