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Funus, doomed black metal

Funus, doomed black metal
February 07, 2012, 03:16:05 AM
Funus is a glimpse of the void, of a realm devoid of all life,
hope and joy. It bestows upon the listener a feeling of utter
nothingness. Whereas depressive black metal advocates
a feeling of meaninglessness, Funus lets you experience
what it is like to be in the void, in the pure emptiness
of your own mind. Philosophically, the absurdist Albert Camus
can certainly be seen as an inspiration. Although Funus has
an orthodox Black Metal background, the band does not mention
religion nor is the music about it; religion is seen as an
illusion that should not be spoken of and should be kept
 outside of art.

Deny your presence through Funus.



EP, Self-released
October 2009

1.   I 
2.   II
3.   III

Site:    www.myspace.com/voidoffunus
Contact:    voidoffunus at g mail dot co m

Re: Funus, doomed black metal
February 07, 2012, 03:18:31 AM
The writing process of our upcoming album has been completed, and the recording sessions are drawing near. Also, due to the cancelling of our would-be split, the song Rosefield Road can now be listened to online:


Re: Funus, doomed black metal
May 09, 2012, 01:07:37 PM
Due to Funus' time-devouring preparations for the upcoming release, here's a small reminder of our last digital release in the mean time: a FULL track with a duration of 18:48 minutes, which gives you a perfect, though partly hidden example of what you can expect;

"Rosefield Road"; a piece of work starting with a classical composed intro with a tight, surpressing atmosphere, followed by ice cold tunes which leaves you the miserable impression Funus wants you to remember, closing down with a climax not to forget...

- http://soundcloud.com/funusvoid/rosefield-road-intro/s-G5Tj9
- www.myspace.com/voidoffunus

Further more, some new live footage has been published; Funus performing live at the Omnious Worship of the Devil Tour (Willemeen, Arnhem, The Netherlands):