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Millions of surveillance micro-drones

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--- Quote ---The FAA currently estimates that there will be 30,000 drones licensed to operate in US skies by 2020.  It's a misleading estimate. 


It only counts large, professional drones (and even that estimate is low).  It doesn't count all of the small/micro drones operating below ~400ft and at slower airspeeds.   How many micro-drones will there be by 2020?

Tens of millions (tens of billions if there is warfare or repression driving it  -- and given the problems we are facing, there will be) and they will look something like this (depicted:  The Mobee):
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Cute yet scary but mostly annoying like the texting chimps. Countermeasures/jamming will be an emerging market if this invasive pollution proliferates enough in public.

Big brother? you know if these things are out there that corporations and foreign nations are buying them too

You also should know the rule, once some new fear hits the press, it has already been out there for years already

Perhaps the US fought in Iraq to warn the Russians off of deploying their micro-drones in Washington DC

Fuck if I know

Wonder how easy it is to make a UAV blimp out of a smartphone.

Skeet shooters will be the new public defenders

Flight Assembled Architecture

--- Quote ---What's interesting here is that it may also be an explanation for why drones and drone swarming causes revulsion.  However, instead of a revulsion to human likeness, it is a likeness to nature. 

Behavior we expect to see in insects, birds and animals but not in machines.  The movement of the drones in a swarm serves to amplify the emotional impact (in a negative way).
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