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How to survive as an antisocial metalhead

I feel no need in impressing others with hessian culture. I'm glad that your average low IQ metalhead has no clue about real music. I'm happy with gaining pleasure from Burzum/Darkthrone and I really don't care if it spreads out into the "real world".

There's no way to spread out into the rest of society without being dragged down to the mediocrity of modern culture. As all culture is subjective and one day will disappear... I only care about discovering better music and sharing it with those who actually care.

I don't think it's necessarily about impressing others, but rather the demanding of an avenue to exercise the interests that capture our imagination and stimulate our minds; be that immediate and microcosmic or broad based and macrocosmic. The other day I had 9 cops surround me in a public because some local called in a suspicious character taking a particular interest in the surroundings (I was working, literally my 8-12 hr/day job). Dressed casually, with my ID badge clearly hanging from around my neck, literally the only reason this was happening was because of long hair and a beard. Even after presenting the proper credentials, and an explanation in well beyond proper speech, my bosses were made to arrive on site with further credentials and explain my professional objective. Neither did I receive an apology nor was the company compensated for time lost. Given the less progressive thinker, my position would have been compromised and considered a liability due to my physical appearance. Handling with frugality the career of a Hessian is a very serious (dangerous) matter, and the pertinence of the Hessian culture's ability to proliferate today is of the highest of goals. Certain liberties will, if they aren't currently, be reliant on this future goal.