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Amusing technicalities to troll people with


Amusing technicalities to troll people with
March 23, 2012, 06:16:19 PM

History shows that the Ku Klux Klan was the terrorist arm of the Democrat Party.


Noble Savage:

Those primitive people, so in touch and in balance with nature, could really teach us modern pigs a lesson or two about how to save the planet!

Humans hunted Australia's giant vertebrates to extinction about 40,000 years ago, the latest research published in Science has concluded.

It appears that humans, who arrived in Australia around this time, hunted the megafauna to extinction, the scientists said.

The megafauna included three-metre tall giant kangaroos and marsupial lions, as well as giant birds and reptiles.

...the idea that stone age hunters could cause such utter havoc across three entire continents over very short time spans strikes many people as incredible. Like it or not, though, it's the truth, and it's time for us to all confront it.


That's funny, and the way people are going with their literal-mindedness, a tactic like this becomes more and more viable by the day.

`"Those primitive people, so in touch and in balance with nature, could really teach us modern pigs a lesson or two about how to save the planet! "

To try to save the planet is going against what is natural. Because in the nature, no animals or plants care about the planet, they only care about their own species and they will do everything for survival. They will drain the ressources until it's gone and they will leave the place to find another one where those ressources thrives. When it's not destructive, it's when there's no species who are strong or numerous enough to destroy all the ressources around them. It's nature as a whole who can balance itself. The humans are at the point where they are powerfull enough to destroy all life on earth, (maybe except the bacteria), and they have "potentially" enough of ingeniosity and nobility to fulfill the role of natural balance (Maybe I'm to idealistic about the human race)

People in general don't know about nature. They think it's all peacefull, joyous like in the care bear or something.

women are oppressed and we should be fighting for equality.

If you manage to not react violently to the person saying this, then there is all of this


Progressives started the temperance movement. So anytime someone on the left complains about drug laws, you can merely point them to their ideological ancestors.

Also, the "Religious Right" is made up primarily of disaffected Democrats. Hence, their affection for Neoconservatism.