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Is there a bit of this degenerate in all of us?

what do y'all think about this one


diesel, how the hell do you find these fucking screwballs ??

Thanks for posting this fallot. I have not read it fully yet, but I must say, with what I've read I agree, and it's something I've been saying for years, mainly because I have fallen prey many times to the negative effect she describes, too much valuation of "intelectual" gibberish (and I say it in quotes and call it gibberish because it is actually useless thinking and over attachment to cerebral shit-extraction). This post reminds me a little of David Myatt's/Anton Long's writings in that they touch on very similar grounds. She is obviously intelligent. It is a very important theme for our times.

Now I must remind the topic creator and all who considered her a degenerate and that she should not stay alive, consider this: She is a woman who is strong and did what many wanted to, which is to go live in the woods. That's pretty great if you ask me. Now, I know the reason this woman got bashed here is because of the content of her blog, but I'd like to remind you that you are in ANUS, a website that posted homosexual sodomy poetry and fabricated stories involving metal bands, pictures of decomposing dicks and whatnot, is known for spreading a great picture of a man opening his giant anus (goatse), picutre of a man holding his bird with his penis, blog posts about the most disgusting and bizarre stuff (like a guy spilling his pus). This site has text with pictures teaching how to smoke weed, how to steal, and the creator is known to be famous for the iBong. There is a page in favor of self-mutilation, there is a page with only stories about drugs... I'm sure there's much more. So know where you at and where you come from. Just because this woman tells the truth and exposes herself and her body she is a degenerate? Grow up, it's just a vagina & naked body.

There is no question that this woman is a degenerate. She spends her entire time pleasuring herself, and her asceticism has devolved into (or always was) hedonism. That however, should not detract from her being an extremely smart person with some interesting insights into humanity. I mean I completely agree with her regarding the article I linked. Hell, Jonathan Haidt agrees with her. Her politics are sophomoric, her philosophy non-existent, but her intellect and absolute lack of or regard for social graces makes up for it to an extent. Despite harbouring many idiotic leftist and politically correct beliefs, she loudly proclaims that black people have a general IQ that puts them on the verge of, or below, mental retardation.

The excesses of ANUS and this woman serve different purposes. I don't disagree that they have sometimes been tastless.

Yes, there is a bit of this degenerate in all of us.  But that is just to say that we all have sexual appetites.

There's a million better ways to deal with and learn about reality than via "Faye Kane."  Read Plato or the fucking bible if you need to learn how the world works.  This woman is filth and is to be despised.


And btw, it actually has nothing to do with her particular obsessions.  It's her flippant-ness in general that is so terrible.  I read several of her things when this thread was posted and that's basically how I remember it.  Being flippant from time to time is OK, but approaching life in general in a flippant way is not commendable.  I don't believe ANUS' general philosophy is flippant in this way.