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What is our universe made of?

What is our universe made of?
March 28, 2012, 07:09:20 AM
One of the deepest mysteries in quantum physics is the wave-particle duality: every quantum object has properties of both a wave and a particle. Nowhere is this effect more beautifully demonstrated than in the double-slit experiment: streams of particles (photons, electrons, whatever) are directed at a barrier with two narrow openings. While each particle shows up at the detector individually, the population as a whole creates an interference pattern as though they are waves. Neither a pure wave nor a pure particle description has proven successful in explaining these experiments.

Now researchers have successfully performed a quantum interference experiment with much larger and more massive molecules than ever before. Thomas Juffmann et al. fired molecules composed of over 100 atoms at a barrier with openings designed to minimize molecular interactions, and observed the build-up of an interference pattern. The experiment approaches the regime where macroscopic and quantum physics overlap, offering a possible way to study the transition that has frustrated many scientists for decades.

The interference of waves is determined in part by the wavelength. According to quantum physics, the wavelength of a massive particle is inversely proportional to its momentum: the mass multiplied by the particle's speed. In other words, the heavier the object, the shorter its wavelength at a given speed.


Are they waves or particles? Or is wave/particle itself a bad duality? How can we go on doing anything until we know this? We don't even know what our universe is made of.

How did it start? How many dimensions exist? What is time?

Before I waste another day shopping, I want to know the answers to these questions, which are actually important.

Re: What is our universe made of?
March 28, 2012, 11:45:34 AM
in mythology, there's references of Gods who spin strings to create the  destiny of mankind and all that lives. The universe can be seen as a tapestry made from all the strings that interact with each other to form diverse patterns. It creates an artwork.

Now, change the strings with the waves, and you got an explanation similar to what our ancestors thought intuitively and metaphorically.

If the universe it taking shape by waves, and music is nothing but patterns of waves, we can say that the universe is created by the music of the gods. The more you know about their music, the more you can interact with it.
 Who knows, when we play or create music, where the waves will go in the universe and what type of universe it can create. It's a frightening thought when you realise all the crappy music that have been created only in the past century. If my theory is right, a lot of criminals or "artists" should be put to "silence" for all the horrible crimes they are perpetrated.
The war against bad music is maybe more serious then what we all think.

Re: What is our universe made of?
March 28, 2012, 01:06:41 PM
Everything is made up of consciousness.
With the single exception - it would appear - of humans.
But since humans, themselves, are made up of smaller units, then they, too, no matter how they don't appear to be, are conscious, too.