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Nordvrede (Nor)

Nordvrede (Nor)
April 06, 2012, 08:00:56 AM
Nordvrede is a relatively new band that I discovered via suggestions from a few friends. An atypical Norwegian act, separated firstly because they are a Paganfront band, and I've never known them to have Norwegians in their ranks before, though I could be wrong. Nordvrede 'appears' to be a simple formula, combining what seems like the "A Blaze..." era Darkthrone with melodic motifs and twists akin to Marduk, with very audible production. Lyrical themes focus on elation of Norwegian Nationalism and Norwegian Viking/Asatru antiquity, warfare, military, anti-christianity and individual right to thought (funny, considering most Narrow Squirting Bowel Movement is outwardly against individualism- Der Sturmer, another Paganfront band for example). I'm still only on my first few listens and I know something more is drawing me to the end result- a la, I keep returning to this record "Hammerprofeti." I lack the DLA intuition, so therefore I thought I'd offer this act up as food for thought. So check it out

NORDVREDE- "Hammerprofeti"

The release is worth intrigue, especially since Norway hasn't produced much lately.