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What is your political viewpoint?

What is your political viewpoint?
April 07, 2012, 07:39:28 AM
People love this shit because it's participative. in fact, it doesn't matter what I type here. They are looking for the list of phrases that give me a political identity. They will consider that, and try to come up with something even more unique. Very few of them will actually care about what they type except as a way to make themselves look cool. It's salesmanship, except you don't profit.

1. Monarchy/aristocracy. Democracy failed.
2. Eugenics. Under 120s need to go to third world societies.
3. Environmentalism. 75% of land must be reserved for nature.
4. Pan-nationalism. Each ethnic and religious group gets its own space.
5. Heroism. A culture of wanting to do the right thing.

This is a little rejoinder statement to make me look cool. It would work better if I had some internet memes to insert here, or maybe a photo, but I'm not that hip. Instead, I'll just type something that seems witty to moderns like, "And that's the real truth, motherfuckers!"

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
April 07, 2012, 08:11:08 AM
I mostly agree with the above, what follows are some practical ideas for the transitional phase.

1.  Monarchy/Aristocracy.  Initially voting should be restricted to a council of people in positions of influence in society.  Education needs a complete overhaul, with specialized schools to train those suited for leadership.  Leaders should be selected from those institutions until family ties are strong enough to return to a traditional model.  All democratic/bureaucratic systems must die.

2.  Eugenics.  Introduce breeding permits.  Those on welfare long-term and those serving jail sentences should be subject to mandatory sterilization.  Functional members of society should be allowed 1 or 2 children, people who excel should be encouraged to reproduce with tax breaks and other means.

3.  Environmentalism.  Phase out cities.  Over 100-200 years produce infrastructure allowing the dispersion of the population (which by this time should be reduced significantly) into small rural (but technologically advanced) communities, which are self-sufficient.  For the most part these communities should be self-governing, national government should be responsible for a limited number of large scale endeavors.  Scientific research, space program etc.

I'll probably think of more later...

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
April 07, 2012, 09:08:35 AM
Though I agree with those basic tenents as outlined I mostly steer away from politics as I'm rather ignorant of any conventional understanding of it. I always pay close attention to environmental concerns but am often confronted with the worst examples of how difficult it would be to make any difference i.e. people that boldly refuse to acknowledge the concept of climate change seemingly on the grounds that it won't help the economy. I mean how do you uphold such an ideology as this in the 'real world'?

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
April 07, 2012, 10:33:32 AM
It's important to NOT make the mistake of conflating "global warming" = "environmentalism."

The big They in media and gov't seems to want you to do that.

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
April 07, 2012, 10:47:13 AM
I look like a conservative, but that does not define me.
I favour any kind of politics, as long as it stays far away from me.
Leftists should be actively encouraged to set up a colony on Ganymede.

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
March 27, 2014, 06:59:06 AM
I agree that if we want to see renaissance, aristocracy is our only hope. But in your opinion

1) is our present-day aristocracy fit for the job of fixing the world?
2) are they interested in fixing the world, or do they enjoy it the way it is? That is - they living in elysiums with their families, while masses dwell cities where they are free to enjoy consequences of egalitarian delusions that were enforced upon them by their prole-mesmerizing governments?

Dutch aristocracy has been heralding egalitarianism to masses for a long time. Proles love them for that in return.

In Netherlands egalitarianism is compulsory in every aspect of your daily existence.

First day of every new course at university is the day when you are told to form a group of 5 in which you will work on an assignment for the rest of the semester. Every such group typically consists of 2 high(ish)-performers and 3 free-riding half-wits. This way everybody can pass with an average grade while group dynamics will also ensure nobody can come up with anything radical. Half-wits will later find jobs where they will always work in couples (one can read, the other one can write), which is good for national employment rates, which is good for socialism. Teachers will see into it that in international classes, formation of groups is subject to rules of diversity. Otherwise, Dutch students would naturally stick together (and form groups of 5 high performers) which would disappoint other students' expectations of liberal, multicultural education they were promised on the university's website. It would also produce drop-outs (which is essentially a non existing phenomenon these days) and drop-outs would cause less government subsidies to the faculty. That would result into lower grade for the teacher at the end of the semester (generated by students' evaluations) which could mean no possibility for that teacher to teach in the next semester and perhaps no tenure in the future... All visiting exchange-students from other countries will get a "Dutch buddy" - a local student who will show them around the city, take them to pub-crawls and to the museum of wax figurines so that they can pay 25 bucks to see Obama and agree on how everything is great. Dutch students will get study credits (as if they followed another course) for providing the illusion of enjoying to spend their time around foreigners (which is something that never happens without incentivisation) and at the end of the day everybody's happy (like in Brave New World) 

[sorry for the slightly unrelated outburst]             

However, the social construct of compulsory equality is religiously upheld only among members of lower classes. You are constantly expected to manifest your consistency with liberalism at school and later at work as long as you are around the likes of yourself. Once you are about to approach members of aristocracy, however, your fellow ceremonial-position-holding proles will push you to address everybody accordingly and, in general, adjust your behavior to make sure you radiate subordination. That way aristocrats can maintain their benevolent easy-going, enlightened image and enjoy enormous prestige in this uber - leftist society. This will allow them to influence public opinion when needed.

Of course what's needed is that more questionable behavior is promoted by opinion shapers to the masses:

(Dutch queen posing semi-naked with a cigarette & a bottle of Jack Daniels in a 2013 issue of a life style magazine targeted at wives of CEOs (a very broadly used term nowadays) & people who like to adopt luxury life style.)

So can we perhaps agree that the successors of aristocracy that escaped the guillotine had successfully learned how to adopt egalitarian rhetoric in order to stay alive AND later found out that actually liberalism can be effectively used in order to keep proles down?

If we can, to some extent, agree to that... can such aristocracy fix the world by the means of injecting "more of the same"? Or can that attitude in fact do more harm?

I for one find buying a bottle of whiskey for an alcoholic that I want to get rid of a very effective practice. However, is it moral - especially when heroism is one of the 5 points on the agenda? Or do we first need to redefine morality?             

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
March 27, 2014, 08:04:07 AM
Conservative in the Burke Tradition. Beyond that it's difficult to identify with anything else, politically.

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
March 27, 2014, 05:56:28 PM
Is our present-day aristocracy fit for the job of fixing the world?


They're only vaishyas.

Re: What is your political viewpoint?
March 28, 2014, 07:43:22 PM
I generally shy away from political discussions because I find that my views are concerned totally offensive and vile, but I view that as good because the Traditionalists and other like-minded folks predicted the inversion of values in our time.  To discuss it much in public settings will prevent me from gaining the professional stature I need to have the income needed to provide for a family in the traditional fashion.  However, many people will agree with you if you can find the proper words to describe your vision to them in person.

Generally, I try to sow the seeds of:

Aristocratic Meritocracy - The best are the best.  Intelligent and noble people born should be given an opportunity to rise above their circumstances or meet their circumstances depending, but this does not mean that society should be egalitarian at all.  Nevertheless, as part of raising the whole society to a higher level, certain standards and respect must be universal and enforced.  Good manner and behavior should be common.

Gradual Eugenics and Selection - Extreme forms of eugenics and measures like those of failed states seem to have been influenced by ideas of egalitarianism within a race or misguided ideas about genetic inheritance.  Encourage and help the intelligent to have children and pass on their genes and skills.  Those who are retarded due to nature's action do not need to be disposed as such because they generally do not have children, rather it is the average that are forming an underclass to be dealt with.

I have other views, but I save their elaboration for discussions with traditionalists.  They include moral conservatism, environmentalism, and a reasonably just market system.