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Chthe'ilist - Occult Death Metal from Quebec

Chthe'ilist - Occult Death Metal from Quebec
April 10, 2012, 04:48:29 PM
I haven't posted here before, I've only been lurking on this site for years - Total shameless self promotion, I know.
Here's my band Chthe'ilist. We just uploaded a track on soundcloud. You can listen to the track here :


I wrote the music and lyrics during summer 2010 and winter 2011 and the demo was recorded a year ago actually. Some new stuff is already in the works.

I recorded the guitars, the bass of all of the vocals too but Iím far from being a competent singer. I had to record the vocals myself because the former singer left before the recording started.

Our music isn't original and our influences are extremely obvious. We draw influences from 90's finnish death metal bands like Convulse, Rippikoulu, Demilich, Adramelech, Agonized, Privilege of Evil-era Amorphis, Abhorrence, Xysma, etc.

Timeghoul and Incantation are also definitively huge influences on our music too. Hope that some of you will enjoy this a bit. More infos about the demo and additionnal songs will soon be posted on our soundcloud and facebook page (www.facebook.com/chtheilist).

You seriously need to do a full length with a professional studio ASAP

The good :  I dig the alien vocals. You're working out of exact right tool box of influences. If I had to compare to any of the current spate of Occult/Blasphemous style, Impetuous Ritual and Antediluvian come to mind. But you don't sound like either of them. Incredible band name.

The bad : This wave already has a ton of bands in it and people are quick to write off bands if the tag "Incanclone" gets tossed around, and that could certainly happen to you guys if you're not careful. Ridiculous song title.

I sense some promise.

I wasn't expecting it, but there's some supreme riff command in this song without evoking that cult of personality feel, and I like it, ALOT. Keep the guitar surgery coming. This is a great thing you have going here.


Just uploaded the other tracks on our page.

With that said, there will be no physical release of this demo because it is time to move on and these songs will be re-recorded and will be featured on our first full-length album sometime in the future.

You can download our demo for free here :


This is amazing.

Get a full-length out, and come play some shows in Texas!