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The Anus and other symbologies

The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 10:41:17 AM
I read a book called Prometheus Rising in which the author explains the system of Timothy Leary for the human individual.

The first stage is the oral-dependant, where there is a fixation with things oral, receiving food, and being attached to momma.

Now the second stage, anal, was considered territorial, aggressive (or submissive, if the person finds someone who scares them). It is very interesting, first in an intuitional level that captured me and had that quality of truth to it. Then I considered people who accidentally fart when around other people. Well, maybe it was because the person was old, but farting sure is used also to offend people on purpose. Feces is also used to mark territory. Well, dogs mark theirs with urine, but I think feces may have a territorial meaning for a lot of species, specially those who throw them like monkeys. That's good to show there is more to stuff sometimes than we realize: Even to a dog urine is not just urine, it is a way to mark territory. And if you try to mark you territory with urine yourself, and you happen to have a lot of feces stored, when you make force to expel the urine you will shit. A cat hides his feces. People say the anus contracts when they get scared (but I don't remember this happening to me). Some people shit when scared.

The idea of associating anus-feces with territorialism strikes me as very true. The author goes on to show, in the english language, how the territorial and domination language is anal. Examples:

"Get your ass over here now."

"I'm gonna whoop yo ass, boy."

"Up yours."

"You're full of it [shit]."

"What is this shit that you've done, you little shit?"

"I want to get in the shit (war)" [i've seen this in a movie]

He even says that monkeys that learned sign language called each other shits.

This relationship of power-anus is also found here:


The anus "chakra" is the red one, meaning power, it is like the primal fire from which comes the energy to life and power. You can feel it if you want, there is heat flowing up from the anus, but the heat is, I think, more concentrated upward, in the genitals. Genitals are a great place to warm our hands. There is also an upside-down triangle on the picture representing the feces coming down to earth.

Now Freud, from wikipedia:

This is the second stage of Freud's psychosexual stages. This stage represents a conflict with the id, ego, and superego. The child is approached with this conflict with the parent's demands. A successful completion of this stage depends on how the parents interact with the child while toilet training. If a parent praises the child and gives rewards for using the toilet properly and at the right time then the child will successfully go through the stage. However, if a parent ridicules and punishes a child while he or she is at this stage, the child can respond in negative ways. The child can respond to the harsh demands by refusing to use the toilet or by excreting maliciously. This behavior from a child can lead to an anal expulsive character. A child who has not successfully completed this behavior will become an adult who has an anally expulsive character. His or her personality will be characterized as disorganization, messiness, recklessness, carelessness, and defiance. If the child's tactics are overindulged, then he or she can form an anal retentive character as an adult. The anal retentive character is the opposite of an anally expulsive character. This child will find pleasure in withholding faeces in the body.

This is very interesting. Lord knows our relationships with our anuses and defecation is... weird, at least in some times of life.


There are also some other symbols that appear in language: Everybody is always "fucking somebody", in a deal, or whatever. If a person uses too much the resources of another he is "cumming with someone else's dick". If you depend too much on a person you're "sucking his dick". If you are mad at a person, "eat my cock". If you're courageous you have "scrotum" (balls). I remember the scene in the movie Bonfire of Vanities when a guy offers Sherman a deal, and tries to convince him with the following line: "Is that a great blowjob, or what?". If something goes wrong, "we're fucked". There are countless examples.

I mean, what is this? We live by our anuses, by our cocks.


Very interesting also is bi-sexuality latent in society. I do not fall for this "It is just a mode of expression that due to habit is now used, but it doesn't mean anything". Yeah, right. You're saying that the fact that men, on a daily basis, use sexual slurs on each other, implying that : One sucks off the dick of the other. One sodomizes the other. Among others, does not mean anything? It just happened to be that the words are sexual, but it is only a joke? Monkeys bend over to be fucked by other male monkeys. When this type of domination by sexuality is marginalized, it becomes known in those expressions.

And they use those expressions both seriously and jokingly: You do not want to take jokingly a strong guy that says "I'm gonna whoop your ass!". When you see a strong pissed off guy saying that, you do not think "Ha ha, the guy is just playing with homosexual concepts, because we are heterosexual, we make jokes about this." Maybe the guy is not going to fuck your ass, but he is probably going to beat you.

If two guys use this kind of expression in joke, it can be still a form of domination, or it can be only a joke. But a joke is almost never without meaning.

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 10:49:58 AM
You just summed up what most people are about, and why their lives are so devoid of meaning.
Base, animalistic automation.
Such people live through their orifices.
Nothing else exists, for them.
One thing worth looking forward to, in advancing age, is reaching a state where this is not necessarily so.

You can live through your ass, or through your soul.
Sometimes, you can live through both.
An over-fixation with either one may not be ideal, but if you're gonna fixate...

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 11:04:46 AM
Well, you're right, but going beyond those stages does not mean we stop saying these things or thinking with those organs, that have an intelligence of their own. I mean, let's say I'm a lazy lardass and then I decide to learn how to fight and stuff. It will be hard, I will go way beyond my comfort-zone and my instincts to train, to sum up, I will be more idealistic. But still those feelings remain, they will even intensify.

Now I will be even more with heat in the anus and genitals. I will just not be dominated by their instincts.

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 11:07:10 AM
Good stuff.
Anything you have is there to be used, as you see fit.
Versatility is the key. So no one thing gets overused.

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 11:24:31 AM
Prison rape is usually explained as domination.

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 11:26:09 AM
It is, but it is also sex. Why not just stick a broomstick in the guy's ass? Why your penis?

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 11:52:11 AM
broom stick doesn't feel as good

Re: The Anus and other symbologies
April 11, 2012, 09:14:19 PM
You can live through your ass, or through your soul.
Sometimes, you can live through both.

That is called SODOMY.