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Garden of Eden.

Garden of Eden.
April 14, 2012, 11:45:37 AM
I am not, and never was, one to spend much time reading The Bible. But...
I was doing a bit of research, yesterday, in the book of Genesis.
So it says: Adam's 'purpose' was to tend the garden.
Consider that.
He was free to eat 'of' anything in the garden, while he did this.
Except, as we know, the fruit of the tree of knowledge-of-good-and-evil.
There's actually enough material in that one chapter to fill a lifetime of introspection.

To tend. Not to rape. Not to annihilate. Not to use-up.
To tend it.
My wife and I do this, in our own little five acre Garden of Eden.
Because it gives us purpose.
And nature moves in, in droves, to populate this pristine environment.
Rabbit plays with cats, who all play with raccoons. Birds play with us. We with them.
Insects buzz, frogs saunter by.

Do you lack 'purpose'?
If you live in a city, get one of those little plastic sprouters, and grow seeds.
Grow sprouts. Tend them. Eat some of them. Grow more.
Tend them. Tend yourself in the process.
Purpose lies in 'tending', not in 'getting'.

Re: Garden of Eden.
April 14, 2012, 02:59:14 PM
If the Hebrews had contributed nothing else to the world but the books of Genesis and Job, it would still have justified their existence.

Re: Garden of Eden.
April 15, 2012, 06:37:47 AM
Fuck it, I'm buying pot plants.  I finally realise that that's what this room needs.  Yellow curtains and yellow wallpaper necessitate green plant matter.

Can't wait to be gardening all Summer/the rest of my life.