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Net neutrality

Net neutrality
April 17, 2012, 06:07:14 AM
Net Neutrality means that Internet service providers may not discriminate between different kinds of online content and apps. It guarantees a level playing field for all websites and Internet technologies. ... With Net Neutrality, the network's only job is to move data not choose which data to privilege with higher-quality service and which to demote to a slower lane.


Wellp if I were some huge media coonglomerate I would certainly make sure my packets were more valuable than anyone elses' if you know what I mean. What would result? Small sites like Death Metal.org would get squeezed out, and Pantera would be the top metal site on the net.


Re: Net neutrality
April 17, 2012, 07:48:40 AM
Isn't this mostly just related to traffic shaping / QoS packet scheduling? Probably the only way this would effect deathmetal.org is by throttling the megaupload content from the audiofile section. Even at the lowest priority tier i doubt this site would even load noticeably slower.

Traffic shaping works out pretty nicely when its not setup in an exploitative or generally retarded way. Even on your home network its nice to have it configured to give priority to traffic that is time sensitive. So you can download things in the background while playing video games or talking on VOIP without lagging out.

I wish telecom was run by some global NPO or something. It seems too easy for tier1 providers to monopolize. Even if their anti-competitiveness creates demand for a less encumbered net it's not like you can just roll out that kind of infrastructure on demand. Maybe when were rocking quantum entanglement modems.

Also its fucking annoying how all ISPs put low upstream caps. Some of them even put incoming filters on common ports like http to force you to pay for web hosting. Having to pay for separate voice/data plans on cellphones sucks ass too. You can get a prepaid sim from Orange for 15$ (one time cost) and pay 9$ a month for unlimited net and just use google voice to make calls (possibly over a VPN if needed). I think you actually pay like 5x more just by having a full fledged account with the provider which is kinda fucking dumb.