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Ceremonium "Dreams We Have Written" coming in May 2012

Ceremonium "Dreams We Have Written" went to press and its CD release is expected May 20th...This two disc set includes the NY doom death veterans albums "Into the Autumn Shade" and "No Longer Silent" plus eps, demos, and more. Great package and extensive liner notes. Keep the flames burning...


This is good news. Looks essentially like a comprehensive discography package, and well worth it. Hopefully the response will be awakening enough for them to reform and at least do some performances. I'd definitely like to see these guys playing together again, even if making another album is a far cry from possibility. Both albums are like a difference of night and day, so I'd love to finally hear the EPs (there's multiple!? I didn't know that!) to see if there was a transitional period - something an audible shifting point maybe.
"I hung there on a cross as you are hanging, and I lived, thanks to circumstances and a stamina peculiar to barbarians. But you civilised men are soft; your lives are not nailed to your spines as are ours. Your fortitude consists mainly in inflicting torment, not in enduring it. You will be dead before sundown." - REH

this will easily be worth the money if you can fight off the collectors to get one
but i'm not sure if i can tinkle in front of a crowd.

Been hitting F5 on Weird Truth's webpage for the past year waiting for this to come out. Now that the Timeghoul digipack got released, all I have to wait for is this and the Morbid Saint 3CD thing.

Ceremonium "Dreams We Have Written" double discography CD is ready for sale. Despite the delays WTP have managed to release a fantastic representation of the band. Again the official release date is May 20th...To order now send $18 US postage included, anywhere else in the World you must inquire first...

Just got this from Weird Truth, and it all looks and sounds great. What are your guys' thoughts on the three promo tracks for what would have been the third album? I'd say that it's probably some of their most complex material. It's got me excited for Thevetat; I'll have to check them out later.

Man, Into The Autumn Shade has been hard as hell to find for years now.

May have to get this just for that.