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How many terrorists have been linked to ANUS and its affiliate sites?


There was the arab kid (from california?) that was doing A/V stuff for Al Qaeda, and someone mentioned Breivik was a reader of Amerika.

Any others?


Azzam al-Amriki


When he was 15, Gadahn became obsessed with death-metal music. Mentions Spinoza Ray Prozak and John E. Brown II. In 1995, Gadahn left the farm and moved in with his grandparents in Santa Ana.


I'm an intellectual terrorist, does that count?

Also if you count church burning as terrorism, which you could easily do given the flexibility of the term "terrorism" these days, then possibly you could find something.. there's also some church vandalism that occurred on the national day of slayer, it's not terrorism per se but let me know if you want the link.

I don't fault anyone for being interested, but I think this topic leads to nothing but sadness. That is my opinion only.