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Deep Ecologist/Traditionalist/True Right news

I really enjoyed the Keith Preston podcast.  I was always puzzled how Nietzsche was claimed by the Left.  I figured they just wanted a piece of him because he was such a good writer and tried to twist his writing into something it wasn't.  Preston made this clearer.  I wonder if there's been any other writer in history that extreme Rightists and extreme Leftists both point to as predecessor?

The left claims any independent thinker in order to co-opt them. In the process they squeeze the life out of them. It's an analogue to how metal bands are great on their first three albums, and after that, sound like their influences.

Still another mainstream conservative eschews liberal democracy, seeks alternatives:

Why he is now a non-voter who rejects electoral politics.
How he came to advocate secession as the solution to the American empire’s failure.
How the BRIC axis is planning to challenge the dollar as the world reserve currency.
The likelihood of hyperinflation and the collapse of the U.S. economy in the future.
Why the breakup of the United States will more closely resemble the collapse of the Soviet empire rather than the colonial or Confederate secessions of 1776 and 1861.
How the principal tasks of new secessionist communities will be the creation of a stable monetary system, the enactment of a viable political charter, and the formation of a defensive militia.
His own conversion from evangelical Christianity to Deism.

Stephen Pinker on why nurture-over-nature is brain goo: