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Sea change

Sea change
April 23, 2012, 09:47:46 PM
Far-right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen obtained a surprising 18% of the vote in the first-round of France’s presidential election Sunday night. But who will those votes go to in the second round?

Having secured nearly one in five votes cast in the first round of France’s presidential election on Sunday, far right National Front candidate Marine Le Pen has the potential to swing what is likely to be a close second round on May 6.

But for the moment, Marine Le Pen is not asking her supporters to choose between incumbent centre-right President Nicolas Sarkozy or Socialist challenger François Hollande. Instead, she is basking in the glory of her surprisingly strong showing – more than 18% of the vote – and touting her party’s central message: that the two main parties interchangeably represent the “elite”, while she is the one true alternative to the status-quo in French politics.

“Tonight is historic,” Le Pen gushed to her supporters gathered in the 15th district of Paris on Sunday. “We are the only opposition to the ultra-liberal, libertarian left-wing.”


Never thought I'd see this in my lifetime.

She makes a good dichotomy: those who want a culture, versus the elites who want a market.

It's not an anti-capitalist message, but it clearly calls for some limits. People will like it, since even socialism-haters fear the idiocies possible under the "free market."

And we all want the tribe to return.

Re: Sea change
September 07, 2012, 08:46:06 PM
Victory declared as Reddit forced to accept right-wing views

Popular social networking site Reddit appeals to people who think they are different. Unlike the big social networking sites like MySpace (RIP), FaceBook, Digg, Fark, etc. the smaller Reddit prides itself on being a place for individualists... who all happen to have social anxiety, broken families, dodgy personal habits, self-hating outlooks and left-wing views. But they're all individualists. The site is proudly liberal, endorsing its politics forum which is exclusively leftism, atheism, gaming, comic books and pornography. Its hostility to right-wing views extends even to mainstream conservatism, but really ramps up for anything to the right of Bill Clinton. Undaunted, a group of right-wing users decided to make it a home and established a number of right wing forums, or "sub-Reddits," especially /r/new_right, /r/SocialConservative, /r/tea_party, /r/conservatives, /r/paleoconservative and /r/nationalism. At first, the pushback was rather intense and the native culture, which loathes anything that does not loathe itself and is proud of its origins, heaped impotent "down votes" upon the right-wingers and hurled analogues for airborne simian feces at the newcomers. However, the right-wingers held their ground. Today each of these forums is thriving and gaining in audience while the teeth-gnashing, embittered, resentful and burnt-out leftists are finding that the community is not the uniform conformist "different" leftist hivemind groupthink echo chamber they had hoped for. As usual, conservatives create while leftists destroy, and then justify it with the perception of universal agreement, which they use as an excuse to crowd out conservative views or take vengeful action against conservatives. But on Reddit, as elsewhere, these leftist destroyers are increasingly thwarted.


Re: Sea change
September 20, 2012, 09:12:47 PM
Indigenous Greeks receive food distribution. Foreigners are denied help. Ethnic nationalism never advertised itself as blind humanitarianism so what does the world expect anyway?


Comments at this popular blog are representative of ongoing sea change, not all of which is the best in ideal but the shift in public opinion shows.