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April 25, 2012, 08:20:07 AM
I'm actually not all that familiar with him, but I read something about him by Tom Sunic the other day and it got me thinking how metal he is.  Like the Cathars (who Baudrillard has also claimed affinity to), he says that people should weep and moan when a baby is born, and celebrate when they have died.  I suppose this is getting at the idea that non-existence is the more natural and "default" state and life is the aberration and interruption.

Two good quotes from him were:  "If it wasn't for the possibility of suicide, I would have killed myself years ago" and "A millenia of war consolidated the West and a century of psychoanalysis tore it to shreds!"  Pretty funny guy, actually.

Anyway, from what I understand of him, his whole "backwards" philosophy makes a lot of sense to me.