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Libertarians vs. tweemales

Libertarians vs. tweemales
April 25, 2012, 05:17:14 PM
6. Any sovereign may challenge another sovereign to formal combat for any reason. The following are the conditions for such formal combat:
  • All combat shall be one sovereign individual against one sovereign Individual.
  • A challenger shall give formal public notice three days prior to combat and a formal public declaration of reasons therefore.
  • There shall be up to a one year interval from the time one is challenged to formal combat before one may again be engaged as the challenged.  This interval may be shorted by the challenged issuing a formal public declaration of its termination. The challenged may not shield others from the end of combat through the end of this interval.
  • Subject to the following provisions, the conditions of formal combat shall be established by a majority vote of all sovereigns of the community who assemble after three days public notice. The intent shall be to give challenger and challenged the equal opportunity they would have In Nature if no human society existed. Terrain of the combat ground shall be varied and extensive enough to permit strategy and to give the physically weak the chance that Nature gives them. Combatants shall have equal weapons and clothing. Weapons shall be a sword or knife with a blade not to exceed 25 cm (approximately 10 inches) plus a 15 meter (approximately 50 feet) length of strong cordage. All previous agreements between challenger and challenged are automatically suspended during the period of formal combat. There shall be no rules within the combat ground. Challenged and challenger shall enter combat ground from opposite sides. No one but challenger and challenged shall be within the combat ground. No one shall attempt to aid, hinder or observe what happens. It Is intended that only one shall return alive from formal combat. When two return alive one shall forever be shielded by the other. The relationship must be announced jointly by them before they are permitted to leave the combat ground. Two are not permitted to return alive if one has been permanently disabled or disfigured by his opponent.
  • No sovereign who has an unanswered challenge pending may leave the community, refuse combat, or relinquish one's sovereignty.


Re: Libertarians vs. tweemales
April 25, 2012, 06:17:35 PM
  • Victors will sodomize the vanquished.