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The two hemispheres are fundamentally at odds.

It may surprise you -- or maybe not, depending how long you stand in front of your closet deciding what you're going to wear that day -- that you have two people inside of you. One is logical, mathematical, focused. The other is poetic, attentive, intuitive. These are personalities represented by the left hemisphere of your brain and the right hemisphere, respectively. While they were once believed to work in harmony with one another, dividing up tasks like language (left) and music (right), instead neuroimaging has allowed us to see that one hemisphere can dominate and essentially shut out the other. And in our contemporary Western culture, that hemisphere is predominantly the left.

Iain McGilchrist is a worried about this left hemisphere preference, and he sees the effects in our society's materialism, our disregard for the environment, our art world's tendency towards the shocking and the abstract, our predatory capitalist system, and the rise of super rationality in religion (the new atheist movement), science, and discourse. Not that he's arguing against logic or competition or abstraction -- but without the balance of the contributions of the right hemisphere, with its appreciation for nature and beauty, for its sense of community and empathy, and its wide-angle view, the effects can be disastrous. Now, that might sound like hippy dippy bullshit to you, but that's probably just your left brain talking.

In The Master and His Emissary, McGilchrist uses the Nietzsche parable of the same name to illustrate his position. The Master, a wise man who is beloved by his subjects and rules with wisdom and caring, uses an emissary to conduct his business. The emissary begins to believe he is doing all of the important work, and usurps the throne. Only he is so concerned with material goods and ruling with an iron fist, things deteriorate. McGilchrist believes that we are seeing an unprecedented overthrowing of the Master (right brain) by the Emissary (left), and in his book he examines why this matters, how it influences philosophy, art, mental illness, and business, and how this balance of power has changed and shifted through the ages.


How many ANUSians are left-handed?

Are we really still regurgitating this spurious left/right brain dichotomy horseshit? Things like this are fit for the realm of pop science blogs and modern hack psychology, not neuroscience. The brain has a top, bottom, front and back as well, and while you can find some differences between left and right brain cognition, the brain as a whole works in unison in extremely complex ways during any and all activity and thought. I suspect that these retarded fucking generalizations continue to persist in popular culture because it gives people a biological excuse for sucking at math or not being creative. "Well I'm just more right-brain oriented, so I'm more suited for painting abstract art with my period blood in lieu of a worthwhile contribution to society". Put this fucking tool of the idiotic majority to rest, already. The only time you have two people inside of you is when you're at the bath-house on Friday night getting sodomized.


  Are we really still regurgitating this spurious left/right brain dichotomy horseshit?

Forums do not exist to cater solely to what any specific individual is interested in.
They have many members, with varied interests.
In other words: It isn't about you.

I, for one, was not particularly aware of this 'horseshit' until I read about it here.
Now, after having researched it somewhat, I find it to be as far removed from 'horseshit' as it is possible to get.
Then again, I am not one to arbitrarily label things as 'horseshit'.
I find such people to be ruled almost entirely by their left brain hemispheres.
While I, weirdo that I am, make full use of both hemispheres.

The brain is one of those things about which we know very little, and understand even less. As a result, I am always, at the very least, suspicious of grand sweeping claims about brain function.  I am particularly suspicious when such speculation is couched in vague, imagistic terms that read like a personality sorter...or a horoscope.

You mean using vague terminology as in say, very little for example, or horoscopic as in perhaps suspicious? Agreed. This sort of language is opinionated laziness, implies a negligent lack of bothering to get better informed, and worthless for purposes of aiding our understanding. We wonder why such a response was given in the first place.