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if political inclination is hereditary...

if political inclination is hereditary...
May 04, 2012, 05:45:37 PM
if you're pretty much born a liberal or a conservative based on how empathetic you are, then I could only see the future of humanity going one way or the other in brain evolution. Either it's sociopathic rational people, or emotional bleeding heart douchebags. You'll notice people who struggle with the conflict usually lose out due to their own confusion.

Did you mean 'pathetic' when you wrote 'empathetic'?
Are rational people sociopathic? I don't think that is necessarily so.
Even though, for myself, I seem to be becoming more and more misanthropic.
But only because people, as a whole, seem to be becoming bigger and bigger shits.

I used sociopath facetiously. We will still have tidbits of empathy as necessary for human bonding, but minimal. That is if rationality wins out (unlikely at this point).  If we breed out rationality though, we will have emotional, incapable retards all huddling together comforting each other and not doing shit.

Hehe: you sound fierce :)
Riddick ftw!

The hereditary part is the slate that is written upon by culture. In a society where individualism reigns, empathy becomes perverted into dysfunction.