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Liberalism and biology

Liberalism and biology
May 04, 2012, 08:13:34 PM
Every single body is a society. It looks after itself. It gets rid of old useless cells. It makes sure that it eats and breeds. It makes allies with other bodies based on what those other bodies will do for its own thriving.
What happens when a body devotes itself to selflessly helping other bodies..? it exhausts itself. What happens when a body doesn't learn how to repair itself and completely relies on another body? It consumes for as long as the resources freely given to it will allow, but it never gets stronger, never functions right and if that lifeline of resources ends, it dies.

Everyone loses.
Liberalism is more dangerous than we could imagine. It's trying to reverse something that is the essence of our glory and survival. We have been this way ever since we were blobs in oceans. Liberalism is trying to cripple us.  

Re: Liberalism and biology
May 04, 2012, 10:02:18 PM
That's a very interesting post.
A revelation?
Go with it.
See where it takes you.

Re: Liberalism and biology
May 04, 2012, 10:18:38 PM
If the useless cells within the body are not tossed away, it gets sick, and dies. What liberals are doing is making the weakest populations look like an organ, that must be sustained or else the entire body will not work. That's false. I see organs as skill sets of contributing people. Mathematicians, scientists, artists, etc, all working in intertwined systems.

Re: Liberalism and biology
May 04, 2012, 10:23:46 PM
Our bodies know not to be liberal. They know to do away with the old, sick and useless. They know to be xenophobic and attack intruders.
So why are we dumb animals working backwards against the cells and delicate systems contained within us? Why are we exhausting our systems to get no reward for it? Why are we trying to strengthen OTHER bodies who will milk us for all we are worth to try and spread their own defunct seeds, instead of focusing on our own and collaborating with bodies that enhance our survival?

Re: Liberalism and biology
May 07, 2012, 06:34:49 PM
More liberal statist brain poop deleted as we learn ethnic preferences are nature not nurture:

In a second experiment the babies’ brain activity was detected using sensors.

They were shown images of faces of Caucasian or African-American races expressing emotions that either matched or did not match sounds they heard, such as laughing and crying.

Brain-activity measurements showed the nine-month-olds processed emotional expressions among Caucasian faces differently than those of African-American faces, while the 5-month-olds did not.

The shift in recognition ability was not a cultural thing, rather a result of physical development.