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The Imminent Dollar Collapse

The Imminent Dollar Collapse
May 06, 2012, 08:09:59 AM
It seems likely that within the next decade (2 years or 10 years, I don't know?), the collapse of the US dollar will occur. This is a somewhat unusual event, as never before has the US and its citizenry been such a massive fail. Self-reliance is largely unheard of in or near cities and the entire country is dependent on foreign money and products.

Because of this bottom-up dependency (citizen on city/state/fed, city/state on fed, fed on foreign money), once the money stops following down we are looking at all entitlement programs becoming worthless. That is, energy/utility assistance, housing assistance, food assistance, and monetary assistance to buy products made in China.

The long-run effect is a net positive: more self-reliance, more local food production, less wasteful travel, less useless plastic junk produced, less cancerous growth. Our cities centers may actually be occupied by productive people again. Maybe the suburbs will be plowed over and turned into farms.

The problem is that first their will be a period of upset, with densely populated areas which depend heavily on government aid and the financial industry and sub-industries being rather unpleasant.

At the minimum one should expect:
- Massive unemployment
- Riots (race/class/general upheaval)
- Oil and resources becoming very expensive priced in dollars
- Hyperinflation on food and commodity prices (and shortages)
- Martial law to quell riots/unrest

To avoid these problems, the ideal place to live would be a small family farming community with a strong sense of self-reliance. The further away from financial capitals and liberal culture the better. These are getting harder to find as agribusiness is consolidated into conglomerates and fields are dependent on yearly GMO seed distributions.

Still though, one can visit the small-town farmers markets in every small city and town and still discover locally-produced and family-owned produce. In the case of a collapse, having personal connections to these people and a long history of direct purchase would be infinitely valuable. Having something to barter with would be essential, such as service/skillset, excess essential products stocked up on now, maybe even some pre-65 coinage. Also having access to clean water, like living near an unpolluted stream/river/pond/lake and owning filtration equipment is important.

So ideally we want a home in a small conservative community, with a strong sense of self-reliance, family-owned farms, access to unpolluted water. We want at least a couple acres, with water access not dependent on electricity along with natural form of cooling and heating (e.g. lake/forest). We want it either close enough to the city that we can make the commute to work (for now), or cheap enough that we can afford a second home and far enough away that it is not affected by massive unrest - and even food shortages. We also want some basic isolation for security (maybe off a dirt road, 15 minutes from the highway instead of 5, intelligent self-reliant neighbors).

Once the ideal place is located, having stores of food, water, and energy is important. Having a variety of tools for gathering firewood, fishing, hunting, self-defense, and home repair is important. Immediately establishing good relations within your community and family-owned farms and service businesses would be great. Being within a few miles would be even better. There are many other considerations, but I think this is at least a decent starter for considering how to protect your family's safety and health through the dollar collapse.

Re: The Imminent Dollar Collapse
May 06, 2012, 10:12:07 AM
The previous vice president said he was converting his money to euros at the time. The current vice president said the manufacturing jobs that were lost to the US will not be returning. The printing of fractional reserve paper proceeds unabated.

This is the direct cause of USD continuing devaluation. Indirectly, they are going to keep pouring funds into a million programs, none of which have much to do with producing value but much to do with supporting career bureaucrats, aiding the expansion of the lumpenprole population, along with appeasing, policing and containing it.

Nobody dares put a halt to any of these programs because as newly exposed isolationists/racists/homophobes/misogynists/reactionaries/intolerants/feebhaters/tardhaters their own career would then come to a certain end. Motorists will never again see $2.95 at the gas pump. This soft depression isn't going away exactly because it is the new permanent normal, at least until a hard depression randomly hits sometime in the future.

After that is the up side. This too will go away forever:

supporting career bureaucrats, aiding the expansion of the lumpenprole population, along with appeasing, policing and containing it

The down side further into the century will be a parallel civilization of lumpenproletariat that has been dispossessed because it can no longer be financed. Welcome Mad Max highway marauders, nomadic North American gypsy clans, dystopian salvager gangs, and so forth.