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People become conservatives too late in life.

We see this everywhere.. vigorous youth aimlessly protesting for their liberal causes, hopelessly trying to fix the world, building houses in africa come to their senses when they realize shit like race IQ differences, gender differences, and become calm conservatives... at 30 or so. It makes sense that a person is most active in his sexual prime. Those kids go out there with a sense in their gut that something isn't right in the world, only they put all of their superfluous energy into the wrong causes. If people are no longer seduced by liberalism with age and wisdom they join the far right path just as they're on their way to decaying, and they're too inactive at that point to do anything but look after their kids and get paychecks. We must harness young people and put them to good use.

Young people are no use. As you, yourself can see.
This is why wars have always been so popular.
It is a useful employment for youth, along with procreation.
Any fortunate enough, or wily enough, to survive, become good conservatives.
It's an inefficient system, but its about as good as anything people do.

Liberalism wants young people to remain as manchildren. They want people living a second adolescence in their 20's. They encourage this, and that's why modern people are so fucking stupid. Instead of using all that beautiful energy for good, they have these dirtbags perching their parasite riddled guts on bar stools and "living the life".. and by the time all of that defiance is gone and the person matures., it's too late as decay has set in.