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Proto Black Metal pre-1990

Proto Black Metal pre-1990
June 04, 2012, 07:11:54 PM

These two bands are from Colombia. Both play an early form of proto black metal way ahead of its time.  Similar to Beherit and Profanatica, but these South American bands released their material 2-3 years before them.  It is said that Euronymous was influenced by Parabellum.

Reencarnación claim to be influenced by Slayer, Sarcófago, Bach and Stravinsky. They used a violin on their 1988 debut album.

Parabellum composed this song as early as the first Bathory album but was released until 1987 due to lack of money.

I would like to ask you guys, what do you think is the historic relevance of these two bands?

Would you consider them in the league of ?:
Sepultura - Bestial Devastation   (1985)
Vulcano - Bloody Vengeance   (1986)
Sarcófago - INRI      (1987)
Pentagram - Demo I       (1987)

If you would like to download the albums:

Parabellum - Tempus Mortis  2005 (compilation of Ep 1987 and EP 1988)
This is a compilation of their first two Ep’s, which are the first four tracks followed by unreleased material.

http://rapidshare.com/files/29340685/PARABELLUM_-_Tempus_Mortis_MALPHAS.rar     Password:  malphas

Reencarnación - 888 Metal (1988)
The first 8 tracks belong to their 1988 debut album plus an EP and live tracks.

Re: Proto Black Metal pre-1990
June 06, 2012, 11:50:53 AM
This is quite clearly a question for conservationist.