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Why decentralize?

Why decentralize?
June 10, 2012, 04:03:40 PM
  • Weaponized computer worms/viruses/malware.  Legal bot networks that control/manipulate society and markets (think in terms of quant hedge funds).  That's the White horse.  Conquest.
  • Drones/robots.  Weaponized drones that at first self-perpetuate by acquiring fuel from the environment.  Weaponized drones that can self-replicate ala 3-D fabrication and scavanged materials (think rep-rap).  That's the Red Horse.  War.
  • Superbugs/superweeds (some may be aided by engineered modification, but all get their start due to the stupidity of growing food in monocultures).  Organisms that can wipe out monocultures and cause the loss of productive farmland and crops ond a global scale.   That's the Black Horse.  Famine.
  • Plague.  Genetically modified weapons, laboratory mistakes, or naturally occuring disease (due to too much physical proximity) that result in plagues.  That's the Pale Green horse.  Death.

Again, folks.  The only long term counter to self-replication is through the smart decentralization afforded by networked resilient communities.

Communities that produce most of what they need locally.  Communities that can physically disconnect themselves as needed. Communities that aren't dependent on complex global computer systems that can be corrupted.  Communities that use diverse polycultures to produce their food.


Re: Why decentralize?
June 10, 2012, 05:12:12 PM
The first one on that list can be easily solved by switching to Linux. When you stop buying Microsoft/Apple and start using a system that isn't prove to viruses/malware, then you don't have to worry about the government/hackers getting into your system.

2nd one isn't happen in our lifetime.

If you're serious about the 3rd one, you can start farming in with local community/or start buying more food at farmer's market. You're right about this one.

Decentralisation won't change the ability of a "government flu" to spreading to local communities such as amish, it will just take longer.

Re: Why decentralize?
July 12, 2012, 04:11:27 PM
They told us that MF Global was an isolated incident. Well, the horrific financial scandal over at PFGBest is essentially MF Global all over again. They told us that we would not see a huge wave of municipal bankruptcies in the United States. Well, three California cities have declared bankruptcy in less than a month. They told us that we could have faith in the integrity of the global financial system. Well, now we are finding out that global interest rates have been fixed by insiders for years. 

 They told us that Greece was an isolated problem and that none of the larger European nations would experience anything remotely similar. Well, what is happening in Spain right now looks like an instant replay of exactly what happened in Greece.

So who are we supposed to believe? Why does it seem like nearly everything that "the authorities" tell us turns out to be a lie? What else haven't they been telling us?

The following are four reasons to be even less optimistic about the global financial system than you were last month....


Re: Why decentralize?
July 13, 2012, 06:48:55 AM
In mythological thinking: MFGlobal, the 2008 crash, and Bernie Madoff were all "Omens".

This is a pretty obvious one too: our entire economy is in a bubble, our currency is one giant Ponzi Scheme, and fraud is the-way-things-are-done. These were signs of the inevitable collapse. We are trying to postpone it with externalized medicine (i.e. bailouts, passing symbolic bills) without actually reforming the inner health problems.