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IQ and Independent Mind: correlation? & Adapting to Insanity

Does a mind that can see our civilization is doomed, is aware of his own ignorance, and can form his own opinions about everything,  necessarily have a higher IQ than the minds who appear to be blind to reality, and are stuck on political correctness?

I did not used to think so. I've recently decided it would be interesting to learn more about this. Does anyone know of any articles or studies on the relation between IQ score and worldview? Or IQ and anything other than scholastic aptitude for that matter.

Isn't there a consensus here that 120 would be a good cut off point? This raises the question of why. What is it about 120 that makes a significant difference? Why not 110, or 130? Is 120 the point at which a mind is generally capable of understanding those beliefs that you guys have with regards to how the world should be? Are people with average IQ only capable of going along with intelligent policy in a mindless follower sense?

Is depression and difficulty adapting to modern society more prevalent among those of higher intelligence?

If someone suffers depression and is unable to be productive, isn't it possible that in a dramatically different society he might thrive and reach new levels of greatness?

Isn't modern society insane, and adapting to it without being torn in two is a challenge for many? And have we reached a point in our evolution as a species where ability to remain sane in the face of an insane civilization is among our most valuable traits to pass on? Where once it may have been brute strength or strategic thinking, the ability to socialize in clans... now it is the ability to adapt to insanity? And if so, is this trait one that is only useful for several generations? How does the fact of our rapidly changing lifestyles effect our course of evolution in the long run? On the one hand, things are changing so quickly that evolution cannot keep up, or adaptions are quickly rendered absolete before they have fully taken root. We essentially created a monkey-wrench in evolution. On the other, evolution is what it is; whoever comes out alive, regardless of how or why, and regardless of technology's role in artificially effecting it, are the best.

What do you need other articles or studies on this, for?
Aren't you one of those who can form his own opinions on things?
What do you think?

For my part: as one of horribly high IQ, society is not a viable proposition.
However, as a result of said IQ, I have been able to develop strategies for dealing with the state of things.
I don't get depressed, any more, and barely react at all to the accelerating madness.
It's a matter of separation from the craziness. Both physically and psychologically.
Plugging back into nature is important.
Maintaining vigilant honesty and integrity is, too.

Man can survive, even thrive, in all manner of hostile environments.
If he remains adaptable. And adequately prepared.


I'm reminded of what Ram Das said, that if you think you're enlightened then try living with your parents.

Conservationist has explained to me that the whole "under 120 IQ" thing is like a slogan and is not meant to be a carefully-articulated policy. It's just a one-liner meant to stir up discourse on the topic.

That being said, I think Moringotto raises good points. The difficulty in finding studies comparing IQ with spiritual awareness is that nobody agrees about what spiritual awareness is, let alone how to qualify it in a study. So I think finding such studies would be impossible, or at least they wouldn't be any good. I agree with Crow that it's best to make up one's own mind on the topic as best as one can... in other words, keep working on gaining self-awareness.