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Simple planting area

Simple planting area
June 15, 2012, 05:57:27 PM
I'm looking to expand vegetable gardening on a sunny section of lawn. I know how to make good compost so what I need is an area to wall in the prepared compost soil for planting.

Four inch wooden fence posts are the planned wall material for the planters. The fasteners will be fifty penny nails driven by my trusty old carpentry hammer.

The posts I believe are eight feet in length standard. I want the planters to be four by eight feet each. If they were eight by eight I would have to step into the planter to do any work which is undesirable for potential damage to the garden.

As an option, I'm considering sinking some heavy gauge metal fence posting with caps at each corner in case a shady covering or an actual green house shelter needs to be built. Smaller diameter can later be fitted into them, but for the structure to be secure against storm winds the waiting capped posts will need to be sunk into a blob of concrete in a hole. They will need to be leveled with each other before the concrete sets, accomplished by using a length of 2x4 resting on two of the metal posts with a water level on top of it, then tap down with the hammer as needed. Vertical leveling of each post is needed as well.

After the planters are built all that will remain is to ramp up compost production with which to fill the planters and leave them fallow until planting time... whenever.


Re: Simple planting area
June 17, 2012, 02:16:40 PM
Nice. I hope to get the OK to set up some vertical gardens at work. Perhaps we can get onto the roof as well..